Wednesday, November 17, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 2d - by Nova

"I'm grinning because if either one of you peckerwoods shoot my dogs I am to make your head disappear."I was really getting pretty good at the country boy lingo I thought. That made me smile too.

I changed course just a bit so instead of standing in front of them I was at an angle. That gave me a better view of everyone. It also made it a little more difficult for them to shoot me. Not a lot more but it was all about getting the edge. My armor was better than anyone else here that I had seen. In close like this I had an advantage. Yet someone sitting in the bushes 250 yards away with a scoped deer rifle they knew how to use could make my head explode as quickly as I could take these two.  Keep moving and keep them guessing. It had worked so far and I saw no reason it wouldn't continue too.

I hit the mark I had measured in my mind as the right place to stop and asked them "Those friends of yours?"

"Hell no! They killed the Captain."

"Then why do you care if my dogs finish what they started?"

It hit home.  I watched their eyes defocus. The intensity leaving them. The muzzles of their weapons drooping. Game over. I ignored the mumbled "It just ain't right..." I dropped my eye contact with them and looked at the scene.

One of the dogs, one of the dumb ass Rottweilers, had torn an arm off and was happily gnawing away on bone. I hadn't given them names but when I did the Rottweilers were going to get names that reflected their personalities. I was thinking Brick for this one because it was one dumb ass dog.  If the pack was a football team than the Rottweilers would be the linemen. The mutt I had already tagged for a Terrell. 

Zane was hustling. The dogs left him alone. Something I hadn't thought about when I told him to strip the bodies. I watched as he pushed the other Rottweiler out of the way. It gave him a "Huh" look and moved enough for him to get into the stiffs pockets.   The crowd was fading away. Almost all of the remaining people had gathered around the body of the Captain. Cameron, I think that was his name, and probably the heir apparent yelled at the two who had mentioned the dog munch to me "Don't stand there. Get their weapons and move them trucks!" He added, probably for my benefit "And leave the kid alone." 

He walked over to where I stood. I noticed he gave the dogs some space. He looked at me, looked around, laughed, and said "Damn. Not going to be a lot of cleanup needed here." We both watched Brick lick a spot on the  pavement clean. "Yeah. Except we're out of here in two minutes." I added "If you got any left a couple of Hefty trash bags should do it."

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