Monday, November 29, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 6 - by Nova

Yet another converted light industrial building.  The difference was the sign that said "Acclimation Visitor Parking." The arrow pointed to a lot that was maybe a quarter mile away from the lot in front of the building. Once upon a time that would have been considered a hike and they would have had golf carts running as shuttles. Not anymore.

I pulled the truck over to the far corner of the parking lot and looked. It was maybe a quarter full. Mostly trucks. Some cars with tags from all over the US.  A school bus for a school district that was at least 100 miles away.  I stared out the front window and said "Okay."  I ran the calculations again in my head. Time wise and safety wise it was a winner.  Money wise it made sense.  I wasn't getting a bad feeling from the place.  Yet I hesitated.  It meant trusting the government.  That had never worked out well in the past.  Yet perhaps, just perhaps, I could make it work. I had before. 

Zane and Woof were staring at me.  "Okay guys. Lets go see what they have to offer."

Woof didn't say anything. Zane did though. "Remember what you said about Woof."

"Yeah" I know. "No Woof. No go. C'mon. Maybe they can give him a bath and brush his teeth."  I doubted it. Woof would have to cooperate and that was not likely.  I would hate to be called from the squirrel brain class because he had been caught dining on the groomer. 

We wandered on over and I held open the main door so Zane and Woof could go through first. If there was going to be a reaction to Woof I wanted to be behind him so I could catch it.

It was a non-event.

The lobby had a circular desk behind which sat a couple of the camo clones.  Both of them were black and thick built. I wondered how much weight they had dropped lately. One of them had the saggy jowl look of a woman who had lost a lot -- fast.

"Why look Charlene. The boy has a dog!" This was from saggy jowl. 

Charlene was reading a magazine. She looked over at us and said "Get him on a leash." Then went back to reading her People magazine.  It had to be an old one. Angela Jolie was one the cover and I wondered if she ate Brad first -- then the kids, or was it the other way around? My money would be on Brad first. She did have such a nurturing, earth mother aura.


  1. Oh c'mon!! That is gruesome! Funny and gruesome...

    We all know it's the gardener (sorry) first, then the au pair, then the kids, and finally Brad. Their agent still gets his standard 10%.

    She has the earth mother aura, but she also has awesome, flesh-tearing teeth.

  2. The black humor is awesome. I really did laugh out loud. But that's just the icing. Where is this going, man? I don't know. And I love that I don't know.

    Keep up the good work.

    "I just wanted to tell you both, good luck. We're all counting on you." RIP, Leslie Nielsen.