Saturday, November 20, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 3d - by Nova

I took a drink of my Pepsi. No ice. No straw. The red plastic tumbler it was in was nice. It wasn't Pepsi. It wasn't even that sweet. I made a face and set it down. Zane looked at me and giggled. He told me  "It's pretty yucky isn't it" and then chugged some more. It was carbonated water with a syrup that the only relation to Pepsi it could claim was that it was dark.  I drank some more too.  Why the hell not?

We sat and waited for the waitress to come back with our order. Zane asked me "Do you think their will be another Transformer movie?"


"Oh." Then he began telling me about his favorite Transformer and everything he had done in every Transformer movie ever made. I nodded my head and said "You don't say" and "Sounds pretty awesome" every once in awhile.  I made a mental note to tell Night not to let any of our kids watch a Transformer movie until they were at least 30 years old. 

When our waitress came back with our order I had planned on saying something witty like "Pepsi lose the secret recipe when the power went out?" Or "I've had ice tea that tasted more like Pepsi than this." Instead the sight of the pancakes with the pat of butter on top melting in a pool of syrup swept my smart ass comments away in a frenzy of pancake lust.

I told her "Thanks! Can I get more syrup?"

"No. It's rationed"  She didn't smile either.  I was seriously considering stiffing her when it came to a tip.


  1. Just curious Nova - where they at now? I'd been trying to keep track earlier on but I 'got lost' after they crossed into Ohio...

  2. We'll find out where at the "Info Center", yah?
    Hilarious nightmare Nova. paper cut... The Pepsi reminds one of Ferfal's comments on post- Argentina food items (The pseudo oreos come to mind!)Just not. quite. the same. Nice job on these details.
    Rock on,

  3. marquart,

    Gardener and Zane are around Circleville, Ohio. That's south of Columbus.

    The Horde is moving SW parallel to the wall of Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati ahead of him. Somewhere, probably Madison,the halfway point to Louisville, the Horde will head NW in the direction of Springfield.

  4. This also maybe of interest.

    I have been to the one build in Ireland and Stonehenge. These are remind me a lot of them. The mound building is almost universal. All seem to point to the stars.