Monday, November 29, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 5d - by Nova

 "So what are you here for?" She asked me.

"We're going to get acclimated." I watched her face. Nothing but a faint smile. "Yeah. It's like being in high school again."

"How so?"

"Just a bunch of classes on stuff that if you didn't already know you would be dead. Like always wash your hands before eating. Never eat squirrel brains. That sort of stuff."

I pursed my lips and nodded my head gravely.  "Yeah. I can see where that could be important."

She looked at me, trying to read me, she couldn't.

"You do know you will have to check the weapons?"

"I figured as much. Why?"

She shrugged and looked away. A couple was approaching. Before she went off to greet them she said "Because people have learned to kill each other for no reason at all."

I watched her walkaway.  She had a great ass. Damn I miss Night. The physical need for her rolled through me with an intensity that literally made me want to howl.  I shook myself. Damn. I thought I had already made it through this stage of life. Hell. I remembered going to the mall, limping around in a daze, and hoping it wasn't as obvious as it felt. 

"You okay?"

Zane's voice sliced through my fever dream.

"Yeah. I'm fine.  Let's get this over with. We got places to go." I added silently "And a woman to do."

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