Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sword of Chosen

One of the readers here made me a sword.  When I say he made it I mean he did it the way it was done for  millenniums.  He took a bar of steel and created a blade.  It is a beautiful piece of work. 

Holding Sword I was struck by how up close and personal warfare was for so many years. This is a gladius  or Roman short sword.  This pattern, with minor changes, was the weapon of choice for the Greeks, Celts, and Romans.  I find it amazing to think a Greek of Homers time would find this weapon very familiar. So would a Roman legionnaire. For at least a thousand years this was the weapon that built or destroyed empires. 

Wes does other work too. He might even make a sword or dagger for you.


  1. Wow! Really cool! I'm looking forward to more AA.

  2. Jennie...It is cool! The brass is awesome on the hilt and pommel. More AA is coming soon.

  3. It was a pleasure to do :)

    ... Now if someone would be interested in a Sword of Freya... [evil grin]


  4. Oh, I will be. Just give it some time.

  5. Oh, that wasn't aimed at you Nova...

    Just threw that out there in case someone else would be interested in one :)

    (Or their own edition of the Sword of the Chosen)

  6. Wes,

    Hey! I want one...eventually. maybe this Spring