Wednesday, November 17, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 2e - by Nova

"Where you headed?"

I looked at him. Once upon a time you would actually answer that question without hesitation.  Once upon a time you could also expect to get there without being robbed, murdered, or gnawed upon. Not necessarily in that order tho it would be how I would do it if I were so inclined.

"South. We're headed to El Paso."

He didn't bat an eye. "Why the hell there?"

"It's tough to get a good taco around here."


I thought "Maybe he isn't going to work out as the heir to the Captain." Not my problem. I looked at my watch and told him "Well, its been real but we got to move." I yelled at Woof "Truck!" Then I told Zane to drop the tailgate so the herd could get in. He said "Yes sir!" and literally ran to do it. I was going to have to talk with him. That "Sir" bit was annoying.

I told Cameron "Gotta run. I'm on the clock." and walked over to the truck. Woof was waiting on the passenger side. I climbed in, turned the key and listened to the engine turn over. It sounded good and we had three quarters of a tank of gas. Not bad. Not bad at all. I listened to the gate clunk shut but he was too short to see with the rear view mirror. The side mirror on the passenger side had been snapped off somewhere along the line so I made sure I stayed in Park. It would be a real bitch to back over the top of him and have to explain that to Carol.

He popped open the door and held it open for Woof to jump up into the cab. I held up my hand and said "No way. You ride in the middle. Woof can hang his his head out the window."  He climbed in and Woof jumped up and in after him.

"Phewww" Zane waved his hand in front of his face. "Woof! your breath stinks!"

"Don't let him lick you kid." I pulled away and felt something crunch under the back left tire. I checked the rear view mirror. Thank god it was just a body part and not a kid. I put my foot into the gas and picked up speed. We needed some wind moving around in the cab. Woof needed to brush his teeth soonest.


  1. Had a bitch blue tick coon hound once. Woof reminds me of her. Mom made Brussels sprouts and ham for dinner once and set about a half gallon of leftovers in her bowl. She inhaled the entire bowl in about 5 seconds.

    She sat there looking at us licking her chops then let out a huge belch. After our eyes stopped burning and we were able to breath again the room cleared and mom put her out for the night. Had to sneak her into my room later.

    Brussels sprouts always remind me of Martha.

    Jim in MO.

  2. I was almost ready to have Roast Dog the other day... My sons American Staffordshire Terrier ate up my last, stashed, Corned Beef that I roasted up with cabbage, onions and carrots...

    I cooked it up for a delayed supper for when my wife got home from work... She got home, opened it and decide to come get me from the shop to eat with her... by the time we got back to the kitchen Armani had finished the whole darned thing, as well as the cabbage and half the spuds! I found him by the laundry room door waiting to be exiled to the outside for his 'crime'...

    Nova_ I'm glad to see the return of The Gardener! He is 'the Man' - for some odd reason I relate to him...

  3. Forgot to mention...

    Armani spent much of the next two day outside... Dogs and Corned beef and Cabbage DO Not mix...

    The paint wasn't [quite] blistered... but it was close

    [evil grin]

  4. I think of my dog, and dogs in general, as 2 year old people. They are cute, smart, fun, and they do stuff that makes you want to choke the hell out of them. You don't because they are just being themselves. I told myself this more than a few times as I cleaned up after them.