Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 4d - by Nova

I spotted the Sheriffs vehicle. It was a Camaro. Probably the last year they made them.  "Nice" I thought. Pumpkins must have been good to this town.

The dogs woke up and started barking. Woof had jumped out the open window after we left and was sitting  halfway under the truck bed in the shade. Woof was no idiot. He popped up and met Zane halfway with his tail wagging.  Zane, if had a tail, would have wagged it back at him. Instead he stuck his hand in his pocket and palmed Woof a piece of pancake.  I ignored it.

We hopped into the truck. Woof still stunk. Pancakes apparently weren't effective mints. "So what's the plan G?"

"We take a ride and dump the dogs. Then we check the place out. If it's cool we do it. If it isn't we go back for the dogs and roll on."

"Does Woof get dumped too?"

I thought about it while working my way around a horse drawn Mercedes Benz Smart Car. "Nah. Anyone who won't take Woof isn't worth it."


Zane stared at the horse and I glared at Woof who was looking at me.  I swear he smiled.


  1. My youngest son and I watch this Zombie show on Sunday nights. He gets a real kick out of it and it torques his mom off I let him watch it. Pretty grizzley at times, even for cable.

    This is a hell of a lot better. I won't be surprised to see your work on the screen sometime soon. Good work.

    Jim in MO.

  2. Jim. Thanks. I never liked Zombies that much but they are huge now and have been for awhile. Vampires too. Even though the current crop look like Abercrombie and Fitch models.

  3. The show is called The Walking Dead, it's on A&E and really good. It's based off a series of graphic novels.