Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 6a - by Nova

Saggy Jowls looked at me "You have a leash sir?"

"Ah no."

"Okie dokey." She disappeared from view for a handful of beats. I could hear her rummaging around underneath the counter. She popped back up with a copier paper box that she set on the counter top.  "Take a look in there. You'd be amazed at what people have with them when they come here. We do are best to be prepared around here!" She smiled broadly. During all this I was aware of the lobby security team watching us.

I rummaged around. The first thing I pulled out was a red nylon horse halter. "You get horses in here?"

"Oh my! Not in here! Did you hear that Charlene! The man thought we got horses in here!"

"Tell him about the goat. He'll like that."

"I wasn't here for the goat." Saggy jowls glared at Charlene who looked up, stared at both of us, then turned the page and shut us both back out.  I tuned Saggy out too.  I held up a few collars, looked at Woof and Zane, and dropped them back into the box. The problem was size. Woof was not a small dog. Charlene, who decided to put down her magazine, came over to stand next to Jowls and looked over the counter at Woof.

"Damn. That dog is huge! He sure as hell better not take a dump in here."


  1. I just spewed coffee all over my laptop.

    I have a mental picture of Saggy and Charlene. Can't stop laughing.

    Jim in MO.

  2. Jim,

    Them girls are everywhere.