Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 6b - by Nova

We gave up. They didn't have any collars that fit Woof. Instead I took a leash with the idea I would clip the end on the leash itself after putting it around Woofs neck. I showed Woof and Zane what I planned on doing. Charlene was chuckling in the background and telling Saggy Jowls "I gotta see this."  Woof didn't like the idea. I knelt down next to him and held out the leash for him to sniff. He declined.  I told him "Look big guy you got to do this. I got to give up my guns. I don't like it but its for the greater good." I shouldn't have said "Greater good." Woof was no dummy. He knew when someone said that you weren't going to like what they had planned. He backed away.

I tried a different line. "Remember when I found you? You were chained up? I let you go. That worked out okay? Right?" It hadn't for him but I was counting on him not remembering that part. I was wrong. Like I said -- Woof was no dummy. He backed away when I reached for him.  I knee walked over to where he was and tried it again. Again he moved.  I could hear Charlene and Saggy Jowls laughing. The entire thing was fast getting irritating. I tried Plan B. "Woof. Listen to me. If I got to chase you all around this lobby I am going to shoot your ass and toss you out the door. Now hold still."  He moved and then barked at me. Damn. The idiot dog was calling my bluff.

I was saved by Charlene.

"Why don't you let the boy try. It's his dog."

"Since when?" I thought but she had a point. They were pretty tight. "Okay Zane. Your turn." I handed him the leash and stood up. 

Zane walked over. He didn't need to bend over, as Woof, when he had his head up, was looking Zane in the eyes. I heard him whisper "It's okay. I won't let them hurt you."  Then he slipped it around Woofs neck, hugged him, and told us "Okay. What's next?"


  1. nova,it is a pleasure to see you writing again. Albion Castle in San Francisco is on the market,consider picking it up as your west coast party house when you become vastly wealthy from the Movie Rights.

  2. Hey, it used to be a brewery and has a natural spring producing 10,000 gallons a day of water. The sarcophagus room would be a great place for freya to hang when she visits!