Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - 17b - by Nova

Walking is what we did too.  Eating regularly in the land of the feds had confused my stomach.  It was rumbling and asking "Wheres my meal?"  I ignored it because I had no choice.  One of the things I noticed about Zane was he never complained about being hungry.  He was either used to it or life so far had taught him that sporadic eating was how it was. 

Somewhere around 10:00 I heard crows cawing. We were skirting the edge of a field and I was trying to adjust to the change in terrain.  I didn't like it.  Not enough woods and creeks to screen us from sight.  I was thinking about what the Great Plains would look like while keeping an eye on the world and listening to the crows when Freya appeared in my minds eye and startled the hell out of me.

"I thought we had agreed you were going to say something like 'Stand by' before you did that."  I didn't bother to hide the irritation I felt either.

She giggled and said  "I forgot."


She "hmmpfed" in my brain and replied "Maybe you'll like this better."  Then Night was there.


She was there. Damn, I had missed her. That smile and those laughing dark eyes. Her hair. Those nipples. Then I remembered that everything I was thinking was going out live and cut that off until later.

Her voice was amused "So you missed me?"

"Yeah. A little." I said it pretty casually I thought but the peals of her and Freya laughter told me otherwise.

Softly she replied "Yeah. I missed you."  Then the steel was there "You found him?"


"Not bad. With weeks to spare too.  Let me see him." 

I turned to look at Zane and sent her his image.  There was a moment of silence, then she said calmly and coldly, each word clipped "That. Slut."

In the silence afterward I waited. Nothing else was said so I told her "He's a good kid and I won't stand for him being hurt."

I didn't know what she had planned or was thinking.  I also knew saying that could hurt her our relationship, maybe even fatally, but that was the way it was going to be. I waited and walked and tuned out Zane's "What's going on? Who is that blond girl?"

We had covered a couple hundred paces when Night broke her silence, the tiredness apparent to me in her  "Just come home to me G. That's all."



  1. I do NOT have a good opinion of this girl Night. She seems to be a constant, jealous, spiteful and insecure bitch. Maybe that is just realism though.
    Notta, out.

  2. Bohica here,
    Did night mean Carol or Max as the slut ?
    That could make it interesting.

  3. Women assume that men are pigs with sexual morality being situational (especially for warriors), but for other women "there are rules".

    Expect expert concealment and deception, along with layers like an onion peeled back.

    I love women because they are not simple like men. It can be frustrating, but never boring.

    Women AND a goddess? Just play along, beg forgiveness as needed.


  4. Oh yea......Night = Lucy Lu.

    Jim in MO.

  5. Lucy Lu is perfect. You got to remember too that Night is young. Maybe 20 at best. I wouldn't be surprised if she could count all the men on her life on two fingers.

  6. Night's comment when she sees Zane is real interesting. I think in that instant she's realized that her plan to banish Carol to prevent Gardener's interest in Carol from rekindling is not going to work.

    The deal was that the banishment was to happen as soon as Carol was reunited with Zane. Night knows Max will recognize his son, even if he didn't previously realize he had one, and is not likely to send his son or the son's mother away.

    Night's angry because she realizes that Carol knew she had a winning hole card to turn and never gave anyone in the horde a hint that she held a hand that could beat all others, one that she could use to raise her status considerably.

  7. Or, maybe the 'slut' comment has to do with seeing Zane and realizing, at the very least, that he wasn't Carol's husbands son, at most that he is Max's.

    That, after the whole sex-for-son-retrieval offer to Gardener, well..'slut' seems somewhat appropriate as an initial reaction.

  8. anon, you got it. I want back and changed Nights last line to mention the tiredness in her voice. She knows Carol just jammed her.

    Kristina, That was what I meant when I wrote it. She played Gardener. She didn't ask Max because she needs him and she knows G's weaknesses, perhaps better than he does.