Wednesday, January 5, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 13d - by Nova

"You know what Zane? I'm going to have to teach you how to drive."

I pulled up in front of the trailer, killed the lights, and put it in Park.

"Really G! That would be so cool!"

"Yeah." I opened the door "Problem is your legs are to short. I figure if I shut them in this door and pull real hard I can stretch them out." Then I jumped down.   "Watch Woof. Make sure he doesn't eat anyone" and I slammed the cab door. I walked away laughing as he yelled "No way!"

I walked past two troopers who had stopped talking as soon as I pulled up and had tracked me every step of the way since.

I walked past them and I didn't miss the disdain in the younger ones eyes. The other one, maybe ten years older told his buddy as I opened the trailer door "Check that shit out. We got cowboys again." His buddy replied "Fed asshole."  I was smiling as I entered the trailer.  They were sucking serious power as it was cold inside from the air conditioning and lit up like an operating room from the florescent lighting.

They had a desk as you came in. Behind that was a coffeepot on a table and a couple of chairs that were empty. Behind that was another desk that was occupied by a bored looking white woman with her pulled back tight and wearing the Ohio gray uniform.  The desk in front was relatively bare and had a bored looking white guy who as soon as I saw him "Corn Fed" popped into my head. I wasn't surprised by the bored look. They looked competent and the job was probably boring except for the usual five minutes of  a violent encounter or whatever came close.


  1. NMD, you see them in California's central valley too. Big boys,and hard. Not stupid at all,but not exposed to much diversity growing up.

  2. TomStone, I've seen them :D that's why it's funny

  3. Yeah. And no, they are not stupid. Not a lot of people out there that are really stupid. Ignorant perhaps. Stupid? No.

    Thanks NMD btw

  4. Not a lot of people out there that are really stupid.

    Are sure? I understand that half the country is below the median IQ!