Monday, January 10, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 14c - by Nova

I got in the truck. Much to my amusement Zane had the 16 out and across his lap.  Woof was standing up in the back watching. My guess it was more out of boredom then any desire to leap to my rescue.  That was fine with me.  When I got to the point where I was expecting anyone to back me up I was on my way to Valhalla or Hell. Well, that might be a little grandiose. Most definitely a hole in the ground somewhere. 

We drove over to the other side and I did the paperwork.  Then they brought my guys out to me. Two more pathetic looking terrorists would be hard to find.  I had a kid, maybe sixteen, and a old guy. He was probably in his forties.  Both had been beat on and didn't look up much.  They had been cuffed with plastic ties and when they asked me I told them to leave them on.  I decided not to mention that I didn't own any cuffs, plastic restraints, or even a ball and chain.  They didn't have any cookies for me.  I was told to pull around to the back for my gas. 

"C'mon." I told my two guys.  We walked out and I had them each take a lean on the truck so I could search them.  Max had told me way back when never to trust someone elses word when came to knowing if someone was clean or not. Woof leaned over from the truck and sniffed them. He seemed unimpressed.  I had Zane come out and watch while I did each search.  I explained to him why I was doing it and what I was looking for.  I would have pulled off their boots but they were wearing homemade thongs which made it easier to see they needed to trim their nails.  The old man had toenails like claws. 

I had looked at the paper work. The one I thought was sixteen was really twenty and the one I thought was in his late forties was in his late thirties.  So much for my ability to gauge ages accurately.

When I got done I stepped back and told them to turn around.  They both understood English which was going to make my life easier.

I looked at them and pointed at the younger one. "You're Jesus?"

"Yes sir."

"And you're Juan?"

"Si. Yes sir."

"Great. This is how it is. Behave and catch some rays.  Try and run or something equally stupid and I feed you to the dog. We on the same page?"

Both of them let me know that we were all together on this.  I dropped the tailgate and told them to climb in. They looked at Woof, looked at each other, looked at me, and the older one shrugged.  He went first and since he had his hands tied behind his back the best he could do was lay down partially on the gate, then try and twist his body while throwing his legs up on the gate.  He had just started to do it when Woof let us all know that he wasn't going to share.  Juan literally rolled off the gate and hit the ground with a thud when Woof start growling and barking at him.

"Shit."  I shook my head. I didn't have time for this. We were on Day 6 and I should be outside Cincinnati by now. "Zane. Go around to the other side and let your dog in back."  Once he did that I grabbed Juan, or was it Jesus, by the collar and stood him up in front of the gate. "Okay. Try again."  Once I got them both loaded I slammed the gate shut and pulled around to fuel.  I did the paperwork required for that and spun out of there. It was time to roll some miles under my wheels.

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