Monday, January 3, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 13b - by Nova

You ready to roll?"

"Sure. What about Woof?"

"He's coming. I want to pull ahead about ten feet so when I drop the gate for him I don't step in anything."

I pulled up, shifted into Park, got out, and dropped the gate. "Get in Woof." He jumped into the back, wagged his tail, and curled up in the back. Nap time I guess. 

 The country here was pretty damn flat.  The horizon looked further away than what I was used to and the dirt looked better.  People liked painting everything white too.  White houses. White barns. Somebody needed to clue them in that barns are supposed to be red. 

Chenoweth Ohio was on the map but as best as I could tell it was one crappy looking house painted white and an intersection with another two lane road.  We rolled down it a bit and I could see the Interstate but I couldn't find an on ramp.  Why? Because there wasn't one.  I had read the paper map wrong.  I checked the GPS and it didn't show a ramp either. I turned it off and muttered "Smart ass machines." 

"Something a matter G?"

"Not when you got 4-wheel drive."

I saw where someone else, maybe a few someone else's, had run into the same problem.  Sitting up high in the cab it was pretty easy to see that someone else had done it before.  It turned out to be no big deal except for Woof who fell over in the back when I took the ditch.  We were on Interstate now and it looked clean to the horizon.  I grinned and put my foot into it.  Time to go home.


  1. Hope the folks at the roadblock up ahead don't have a .50 or a M72 LAW.