Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 18a - by Nova

Then what ever was planned became unplanned.  Zane took off like he was rocket propelled towards Carol all the while screaming "Mom!" Shelli yelled after him "Come back!"  Then in a quieter voice I heard her mutter "That little shit." She told one her acolytes "Go get him!"  They looked at her like she was an idiot and one of them told her "I ain't getting between that boy and his Momma."  I was already moving towards Night but I heard one of the other Shellites mutter "And anywhere near that dog."

I was laughing and picked up my pace.  Night saw me coming, grinned that delightfully evil grin of hers and came running.  I opened my arms and let her come running into them.  I was glad when she impacted that I was still geared up like she was.  That woman was hard with all kinds of crap slung on her load bearing gear. Then again so was I.  We had even gotten tangled up once before doing the exact same thing and we had almost fallen over from laughing so hard.  I didn't care.  I held her tight, kissed her, and whispered in her ear how much I had missed her. 

When we came up for air I became aware of the yelling and cheering going on behind us.  Even more surprising was I was hearing my name -- a lot.  People were delighted that I had gone to Night and kissed her like we were at the altar.  I looked over and saw Carol on her knees hugging Zane and crying.  It was one hell of a hell of a Hallmark moment. 

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  1. Lucy L.., I mean Night, in Alice gear armed up. Damn.

    Jim in MO.