Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 13 - by Nova

Listening to the radio was always interesting. Once upon a time I had music being pumped directly into my ear for most of my waking hours. Now, each time I heard it I found it was like running into a beautiful woman in the street. Why? Because it was startling, it took my breath away, and it was just as quickly gone. I rarely had the time to listen, let alone find a station that played anything I liked. I sure as hell couldn't plug a pair of pair of buds in my ears and lose my awareness of the world around me.

This was something different. It sounded classical, which I had next to no knowledge of, but it fit with the day so far and I liked it. A woman's voice, very tasteful sounding, like she used to sell Mercedes Benz's or timeshares said "That was the Theme of the Fast Carriers from the Victory at Sea soundtrack. From a time, not all that long ago, when the US Navy ruled the Pacific, and a reminder to all my listeners that what once was will be again. Your sacrifices will not be in vain and your children will speak in awe of what we will accomplish together. Now for the news. Internationally the United States of America regrets the action of the Chinese government in recognizing the Peoples Republic of Aztlan. The federal government has authorized the building of the first of a new class of multi-use drone platforms for deployment in the Pacific.  This platform was designed by the citizens of Zone 35NW in the great State of Washington. A State were ninety percent of the population has returned to the Homeland and is reaping the benefits in an increased standard of living, security, and the freedoms granted to our citizens by the Constitution of the United States of America.

While she continued babbling about places I had never been and would never go I went through my wins to see how well I had done.  The day had started off well and was just getting better. The money belts, each one of them had been wearing the same type, made me very well off. Night would be delighted. That woman loved gold.  I could care less about gold but this was enough that I would be reaping the benefits for many days and nights as a result of filling her hands with it. The sidearms were all 9mm Glocks. Just out of curiosity I checked the serial numbers. They were almost consecutive.  Glocks were unusual. Word during dinner was the United States was going to slap tariffs on all foreign gun makers in order to encourage local manufacturing.  One of my class had been talking about wanting to work in nextgen weapons design. Apparently the Ohio area was where the government wanted to build the next generation of small arms for light infantry, drug cartels, and Deutsche mark rich countries.  The dollar was no longer king, hell, it wasn't even in the ranks of nobility now. Life, being the ironic bitch that she often was, had probably smiled to see the Deutsche Mark, along with a couple of other currencies, fill the role the dollar once held.


  1. There is no duestsche mark, unless you're of the school of thought thinks the euro will end in the next couple years.

  2. Anon, we're in fiction-land here and the next couple of years is gone and past. World-wide financial crises has already turned the world upside down and inside out. The U.S. is hollowed out and weak. All of its military might has been turned inward to try and restore some sort of order. Whatever the EU was in the past hasn't been the same since all of its banks went poof, just like the banks in the U.S.

    At least, that's what I think is going on. There could also have been a meteor impact, a regional nuclear war, or the sun may have blasted earth with a solar flare of biblical proportions. Who knows. But anyway, I think the old ways of thinking don't help much in this world.

    Nova - the campfire is warm and it's a great story.

  3. Tell Gardener Glocks are assembled in Georgia, as to compete for gov. contracts.

  4. Yeah, I think the euro will disappear. Even if they don't in real life the irony of them becoming the dollar tickles me.

    Thanks D^2 -- if something like this happens the banks are DOA. The banks are probably BK anyways and many will fail.

    DaShui, Damn! You are right. Maybe I should say something about them being rebranded....

    Thanks for the comments...

    In a way writing this is like a rubiks cube...finding the colors and getting them to click..

    I am trying to think of what could be done to rebuild US manufacturing in a limited resource environment to bring in foreign currency and employ people.

    Any suggestions? Actually...I think I will make that a post.