Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 12c - by Nova

We cruised for about thirty minutes before I pulled over. I wanted to put some distance between us and the base. No use rubbing it in their faces but I was also aware the meat was spoiling. I had at least a couple of hours before rigor mortis set in but I figured Woof, fuzz brain that he was, deserved a fresh meal. Plus the longer you waited the harder and nastier it was to strip a body. I saw a turn off into a field, took it, and then pulled off the road under a clump of mature oak trees. I told Zane "Don't let Woof out yet" and stepped down out of the cab. Zane yelled after me "Can I come?"


I dropped the tailgate, grabbed Sledge by his feet and walked backwards until he dropped. I looked over at Zane and said "Oops."  He thought that was funny. I liked that. The kid had a good sense of humor.

"I don't think he felt it G."

"Naw. I don't think so either. Pull his boots off, shake them, and look for hidden treasure."

"Do I have to? I bet his feet stink."

"You like eating?"


"Then do it."

I took off his vest and weapon and set them to one side. I tossed his wallet next to the pile and went through his pockets and found nothing remarkable except for a rabbits foot.  "See this?"


"Never carry one" and tossed it over my shoulder.


"There's no such thing as lucky charms. You're good until you aren't.

He didn't say anything after that. I left him with his pants and t-shirt on but I made sure to take his belt.

"You're not going to take all his clothes off are you G?"



I had walked Greasy Ink off the truck and Zane was wrestling with getting his cowboy boots off. I was going to tell him that I thought it was better not to strip a man of his last shreds of dignity but that was bullshit with this bunch and I would have been lying anyway so instead I told him "They're going to be breakfast burritos for Woof and we need to leave some kind of wrapping on to hold the gutsies in for him."

He went a little pale but he didn't stop trying to get the last boot off of Greasy Ink.

Happy New Years All!


  1. It's flowing along good Nova. I especially
    like the breakfast burrito wrapping bit.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. thanks Nova, happy new year

  3. Happy New Years and good eatin.