Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 12d - by Nova

I had liked how heavy Sledges belt was. The zipper on the other side was a tip off too. I left the body armor and weapons in the back and gathered up the wallets, spare change, knives, cell phones, and swept them into my bag. 

"Get in the truck Zane. I'm going to let Woof out."

"He won't hurt me!"

"Yeah. I know. You don't want to be a speed bump for him either. Now get your ass in the truck."

I tossed my bag in the front seat and let Woof out. He didn't bound out or go racing to the back of the truck. He did the bare minimum leap needed to land away from the truck cab, looked at me with doggie disdain, and strolled to the back of the truck. I called after him "Stay classy Woof!" climbed in, started the engine and the a/c, and rolled up the windows. I thought of myself as fairly hard core but listening to Woof dine wasn't something I enjoyed listening to.

I turned on the radio and the GPS.  Yeah, I knew I was broadcasting my whereabouts. The vehicle, the sat phone, hell, my underwear may have been tagged. I didn't really care at this point. They knew who I was and I knew who they were. I didn't plan on disappearing until I was a lot closer to my goal. Why get people worried?  I needed to make time.  If I did this right the last thirty miles would take the longest. I knew they would feel the longest.


  1. Nova,

    this is kinda random, but are you familiar with the Utah War? Basically it was the war for Mormon de facto independance. You might want to check it out there is a good intro article on wikipedia.


  2. TheDreamer,

    Actually I am somewhat familiar with it. I even read the Book of Mormon once.