Thursday, September 30, 2010

The end of this part of The Chosen

Thanks for reading and commenting. I wrapped it up here because it is time to get Gardener Summer out soon. Tomorrow I start work on the rewrite of AA III based on the rough edit Chile did. With a little luck that should be done and out in a couple of months. Then it is back here and writing the next part of American Apocalypse. Lately I have missed writing that too.

This story was a little different. I feel it was good but not great and needs some major rewriting. I also want to go back and work on "The Mover." The problem is time. I don't seem to have enough.

Once again -- Thanks!


  1. Thanks for writing! I enjoyed the latter half of The Chosen more than the first parts. I'd be interested in a hardcover Anthology of AA I-III with maps and sketches and timelines - if you ever get to that point.

  2. Yes, thanks for writing, I check this site many times a day for the latest. Hope you get back here soon. Best of all, and may the WOOF be with you.
    Iam Nottadog

  3. thanks for this story nova. i really disliked Chosen. If i knew he was coming, id probably shoot him sure as i could see him. well done.


  4. I appreciate your work here. Thanks.

    Jim in MO.

  5. AAIII, cannot wait! In time for Christmas maybe?

  6. Thanks for all the kind words. Hopefully sooner the Christmas.

  7. Nova, thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed all off your stories/books, the other writers you've hosted too . Can't wait for your return.

  8. nova,
    You have really woven a rich tapestry of the times in this series. Desperate times make for desperate people. Your characters each add texture and depth to the portrayal of the times. I, too, had an aversion to Chosen. But there you go - strip away everything that I use to anchor myself to civilized discourse and behavior, and that's most likely me, as well.

    You show a whole spectrum of people like me in various stages of devolution. Sorta works to keep me humble. Thank you.

  9. ... I will finally get the time to catch up on The Chosen... been up to my [waist] in alligators... a weird 2 weeks...

    brass and Sword have been giving me a fight but it all seems to be coming together!

    it has been interesting... and I am also loooking forward the next part of AA... :)

  10. Thanks Nova!

    I've really enjoyed reading your stories, especially the AA series.

    The hard part is ahead--editing. First you write it for yourself. Then you rewrite it for the reader. That is the more difficult part. You have to step out of yourself and read it from the reader's point of view.

    I personally don't follow the post-modernist viewpoint that the reader should have to work to understand a story, like Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. I'm old-school. I think Twain was a master. While his novels are full, rich, and layered- they can be interpreted and analyzed from many different angles- but before all that, they are damn good stories that will entertain anyone who can read English.

    Again, thanks! It's been great having an insider's view of the development of your work. And here's to your finding great commercial success with your publisher!