Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 10a - by Nova

It blew over as soon as Sledge started talking again. He gave me the big smile, then switched to sincere, even leaning in to show it and dropping his voice to just above a whisper told me "I could use you on my team. We do the wet work, you know what I mean." I nodded and told him "Yeah. I think I do."

"Nothing you wouldn't be uncomfortable with for the most part. It sucks. We spend a lot of time in the field...usually we work with a special police unit but the pay is good. Hell Gardener, after we get done with this bullshit we get paid our wages in Gold!"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other two nodding their heads and licking their lips.

"We talking serious gold here?" I asked casually.

"Oh yeah Gardener. That we are." Sledge replied.  The ugly twins were grinning. We were all getting on the same page here now. Pockmarked jumped in with "Tell him about the bennies Sledge!"
"Yeah! We get some good pussy" Greasy added. Being a grudge holding dick head he added "If you like woman that is."

I ignored him. For now. Sledge hissed "Shut the fuck up!"  Then he held his hands out, palms up, shrugged, gave me a boyish grin, and said "There is always that."

"Yes there is." I slung my feet over the damn bench seat, stood up, and leaned over the table bracing myself on the edge, and told them "If I see any of you when I leave here I will kill you without warning."  Then I walked away.


  1. Gardener could really use a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Maybe they have a copy at the library? ;)

    Some random thoughts:

    If these partisan-for-hire hitters know who he is, what's to stop them from dropping a dime on Gardener? Aren't Freya's troops at the top of the general's enemies list? Or would it look bad if they had to call for back up?

    They know what he's capable of when he has a handful of revolvers ... so they fear him. Maybe that's all the edge he needs.

    But I still think it'd be suicide to try and take them all at the same time, if the only thing you have is a short, pointed stick. Just one mistake by Gardener and it's a dog-pile. You can't let the fight go to the ground with multiple attackers. All it takes is a boot to the head from one bad guy and you're done.

    Speaking of dogs, Woof could sure help even the odds. If you don't run away from 100+ lbs of teeth and muscle, it means you have a gun. And if you don't have a gun, then you're about to become a chew toy.

  2. D^2,

    I think you might like how it all plays out if I can pull it off.

  3. A friend retired in 2008 and took a job as Chief of Police in a small town a couple hours away. Couldn't stand it so he went to work for Blackwater. He quit that 2 hours into the training the first day and returned to his Chiefs job. Lucky he missed out on all their problems.
    His description of the place and people sounds very nearly exactly as you have set this scene.
    Jim in MO.

  4. See, that's what I like about Gardener - he's honest and considerate. Sledge and crew can't say they weren't forewarned.

  5. Jim...Interesting and not surprising. My guess is your friend is a good read of people.


    Yep. It's all about being open and sharing