Monday, December 27, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 11e - by Nova

Lee asked me "You done?"

I laughed in his face and told him "I'm just getting started. Damn I feel good."  Then I screamed again.  I looked around. Counter man had taken a couple steps back and looked liked like he wanted to run. I smiled at him and he hurried away to the back room.  I laughed.  I looked at Lee "I need Zane's credentials and that warrant."

"We can drop that off at your new room in the morning."

"No. I know they're sitting on your desk. Go get them. We'll wait here. We aren't sleeping in any room. I'm done with that shit.  From here on we roll with one thing in mind."

"What's that?" Lee asked me.

"Take no prisoners." I told him.

I watched his eyes. He wasn't my friend. We weren't buds and he sure as hell wasn't my new boss.  I was curious to see how far he would push it. Would he try and put me in my place or just pretend it was all good and let it slide.  How he reacted next would also tell me how bad they wanted to kill these guys. Someone wanted them dead because he told me "Sure. Give me about twenty minutes." 

I smiled at him and said  "Thanks. I appreciate that." 

I learned from watching Max and Night that smoothing stuff like this over with a little insincere BS went a long way as far as keeping the machine running.

His eyes, which had flickered with uncertainity for a beat or two, steadied and he said "Not a problem." 

We watched him go and I asked Zane "Want to go sit out front with me and wait for him?"

"Sure. Lets go Woof." 

I held the door for Zane and Woof.  We both laughed when Woof  lifted his leg and pissed all over the door once I let it shut behind us. 

"Yeah. I'm done with this place."

"Me too." Zane added. Woof didn't need to say anything. He already had.