Friday, December 3, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 7c - by Nova

We walked down the hallway and just like the lady said we saw the sign and ended up where we were supposed to; at the Woof hotel.  Actually it was called the "Animal Containment Center." We went through the door and I sighed. Yet another counter and form awaited me. No security here which was surprising tho I noticed a CCTV pointed at the door. The young black guy at the counter said "Hi. Can I help you?"

"We would like a room for one for two nights."

He looked at Woof. Looked at Woof again and said "We have a few available with king sized beds.  Would that work?"

"Do they vibrate?"

"No sir."

Damn. This guys face never changed.  When I worked this hard to be charming I expected results. I was getting tired of being charming anyway. "What did you fuck up to get this job?"

"Nothing sir. I like animals better than I like people. Please fill out this form. Do you have the shot record for this animal?"

That question out of all of them today actually gave me pause.  "You're kidding."

No sir I am not."

"No" I looked at his name tag "Mr Freemen I do not." 

"Very well. You will need to fill out this form also. It authorizes us to give your animal a rabies shot. It is also a requirement for the animal in order for it to stay with us." 

I took the offered form and added it to the other one.  Then I casually asked "Who gives the shot?"

"I do sir."  

I almost said something and then changed my mind. Since he claimed to love animals more than people he should have no problem convincing Woof to go along with him sticking a sharp needle in Woofs ass.

Zane piped up with "I want to see were Woof stays before I let him take him." 

Smart kid. I told Freemen "Yeah. Lets see the accommodations."

"Sorry sir. Authorized personnel only."

My hand dropped to my gun and kept going. Nothing but empty space there.  Shit.  Okay it was time for Plan B.  I dug into the little pocket that was sewn inside my front pocket and came out with a piece of a gold coin. I opened my hand, let him see it, and closed my hand again. "How about I give you this. In return you show us where you're going to keep Woof and you tell us how he is going to be fed as much as he wants from the best food you can find."

Freemen thought about it for all of a microsecond. "Follow me gentlemen."  We followed him.


  1. Yes, the WOOF Hotel, you had it right the 1st time. You are likely not aware that there is a nation wide chain of vet clinics, I forget their name, but the stock symbol is WOOF. Yes, really, look it up for yourself. from Nottadog

  2. Damn, nova G has found a 'nuther side of himself... nice writing.