Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 8c - by nova

I looked over at Zane. The little shit was eating my doughnut. I sent invisible death rays at him but nothing happened except that he ate faster.  The security guard with the shotgun told Sledge "Get your ass over here and take him" He indicated who "him" was by not so gently kicking Greasy Ink who was beginning to stir, "to the clinic. Hell. Take the rest of your buddies and get out of my sight."

"But officer..."

Sledge saw the same look in his eyes that I had. This guy would have no problems pulling the trigger. None what so ever. I kind of liked him. From two tables back the Latino woman yelled "They cut in front of the line too! The pigs!" Yep. She was a feisty one. Sledge flipped her off without looking.

"Fine. Can we finish eating first?"

"No. You don't want to keep testing me Sledge."

"All right." Sledge turned and bowed to the people eating and told them "Sorry folks. Some people have lost their manners during these trying times."

I watched his eyes. He was marking the Latino woman. Shotgun security guy sent his partner with them to make sure they didn't get lost. We watched them file out and the noise of eating and talking filled the vacuum.

Shotgun walked over to me, looked me up and down, and said "You can file a grievance with the base administration."

I looked at him and laughed. It took him a couple seconds but he smiled and said "Yeah. That's about it."

So we can go?"

"Yes sir. You can go."

I went but only as far as where Sledge and the boys had been sitting. I harvested three doughnuts and told Zane "You coming?"


As we walked out of the mess hall I told him "Don't even think of asking for one of my doughnuts."


  1. He has his priorities right.

  2. Yes. Doughnuts are a gift from God.

  3. Mmmmmm, sprinkles, *dazed drooling stupor*.

    Homer Simpson understands.

  4. forbidden donuts... arrgle **droools**

    Awesome staging nova - your storytelling just keeps getting better - donut conquest is damn near as much fun as a Freya killing frenzy!

  5. energecon,

    I am trying ... it helps that I have a very rough idea where I am trying to go.

  6. A rough idea, but knowing G he takes unexpected detours from time to time... :-)