Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 9f - by Nova

He looked at the point, looked at me, and told me "Okay...if you think so."

"Yeah. I think so. Have you thought about how you plan on using it if you have to?"

He nodded. "I go for their crotch if it is a man or their stomach depending on how tall they are."

I was curious. What had he seen or felt that I had missed?  "Why did you decide to make yourself a weapon?"

He shrugged and told me "I had one at the school. Everyone did. You had too. I had a pencil there. Toothbrushes were for the rich kids."

I thought about that. I could think of a couple reasons why he had carried one. We didn't need to go there. "You getting any weird feelings about this place Zane?"

He furrowed his brow, looked up at the ceiling, then at me and said "It's a lot like the school where you found me. It's okay most of the time but sometimes the bad people get someone or they let it happen."

I thought about that. I was getting careless. A big part of me wanted the old world still or maybe it was, for me at least, the old world had been a safe place. It had never been safe at home but outside of it, well, that world seemed safe if I could just figure out what I had to do to get where everyone else seemed to be. It had always been my world and their world. Nothing physical divided us but I felt it none the less.

I used to think about it when I was stoned. Was it a force field?  Was it really clear glass that no one could see but me? Was there a secret door?  I used to think if I did and bought the right things they would activate the secret door and let me through the glass to their side.  That hadn't worked.  Just like getting drunk and stoned didn't work. All it did was dull the pain I felt from running into the glass over and over.

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