Wednesday, December 15, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 9d - by Nova

We went back to class. It was as boring as before.  We did have a movie.  It had the flag, the General, highlights of what was and what would be if we all just worked together.  Of course we had those people who wanted to destroy America. Those people, as best as I could tell, were anyone who didn't accept the authority of the United States as personified by the General and the Zones. That covered a lot of people.

We were shown a map of the USA with the good areas in blue and known bad areas in red. The areas with active Zones were shown with gold stars. I saw that and thought I would have marked the bad area headquarters with black frownie faces. No wonder Night never let me do more than look at her maps.   There was a lot more red than I expected. Most of the Northwest, a good chunk of the Southwest, at the top part of the map where Maine or was it Vermont? I was never sure where those states were on a map but that area was red too.

They went from the map to the General telling us America was based on separation of church and state and the US government was not going to put up with anyone or any state seceding because of religious or political beliefs. He told us how we were in this together regardless of religion or color of your skin.  Yes, some traditional liberties and parts of the constitution had to be suspended but that was only until the emergency was over. Somehow I doubted it would end in my lifetime. People like him never let go of power. Never. I was surprised. I actually stayed awake through it.

Sledge didn't. He was head down and softly snoring. I looked at him.  I decided I was going to sharpen my toothbrush handle and keep that with me. Zane was going to get his sharpened too. I looked at Sledge with his head down and saw the spot in the neck I would bury the toothbrush in given the opportunity. There was always the eyes too. I might be able to pull it back out if I stuck it in an eye.  I was going to have to brush up on my toothbrush tactics. I was still laughing to myself when the lights went back on and Sledges head snapped up. I was a pretty funny guy sometimes I thought.


  1. nova,

    The things that a shiv can be constructed from are downright amazing...

  2. I knew a fun girl who kept a sharpened steel point stuck in the toe of her boot - I think she heated it and just melted it into the boot sole. It was painted black like the boot sole and unless you got on her unhappy list you were unlikely to notice it was there.

  3. Hahahahah glad I helped a little. :-D I'm one of those people who feel weird at airports without my knife. All those people and nothing to stick them with. *shudder* ;-)

    Mmm... have I mentioned I'm a poly? G could use another woman. The country is going to need repopulating, and poly relationships (in my opinion) have some great plusses in a survival situation. The latina sounds like she would be fun. Although, Night doesn't seem to have the right mindset for a poly, maybe she could come around. :-)

  4. @Jennie perhaps, relationships take the back seat during chaotic upheavels, but it seems that in this area women are more scarce than men. Perhaps G is about to reduce the male population soon tho.


  5. Hey dreamer.
    Poly works with more males than females. I know of MMF relationships for example.
    However, even with more men than women, you could end up with FFM because women are drawn to the same things, Power, Stability and Decency. Gardener is well on his way to being powerful, eventually might have stability because of the power, and is one of the few remaining decent people. (in a sociopathic kinda way.)

    And while relationships may take a back burner, they never leave our minds. :-) Show me a man who doesn't think about sex 60 times a day.... ;-)

    I'm really hoping G does reduce the population a bit, I'm betting the Zone has a plan for the rough necks though and they might not think kindly of G offing them. :-P