Friday, December 17, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 10b - by Nova

Sherri wanted to know what had been said. I told the table "Nothing much. We were just caring and sharing." I got blank looks when I told them that. "Well, it didn't look like you caring and sharing any love" was Sherri's reply. "Men show affection differently Sherri. Don't worry about it."  Sherri was annoying me. Night would have known without me explaining anything. Hell, Night would have filleted them.  I missed her.

We went back into the classroom. That might have been awkward for some people.  I just sat back in usual spot and grinned at the lads. Sledge looked at me, shook his head, and made "Tsktsktsk" sounds. Greasy Ink stage whispered "You're so fucking dead."

"Excuse me. Do we have a problem back there gentlemen?"

I told our instructor who I had grown very weary of "Nope. Everyone's cool."

He let it slide. I wished I could tilt my chair back. Instead I tilted my hat over my eyes and hoped for another movie.

The movie didn't come. Time dragged on and I let the drone wash over me. Eventually it was time to eat dinner and cruise into our final night here at Camp Happiness. Tomorrow at 10:00 was our graduation and our diplomas were going to be our Zone ID's.  I couldn't wait.

We ate dinner with Sherri and the others as usual. She was excited and talking about how she loved animals and couldn't wait to be a vet someday.  Sherri had signed up, as had almost every one else for Stage II Integration.  That was government provided housing, training, and career direction services. Everyone was amazed that we had passed on it. Someone mentioned that Sledge and his lads had too. Somehow I wasn't surprised to hear that.

When we walked back to the rooms I just kept going past Sherri's door.  She was already history to me as was everyone else in this place. Well, almost everyone.  Sledge and his boys would have to get shot by someone else. I had places to go and someone to see.

Once we got back to the room Zane reminded me that we were going to go see Woof.  "Fine" I told him. "First we take a shower. Then we go see Woof." I wanted to get one last warm shower in before we went back out on the road.  I can take a fast shower. I don't think Zane was under the water for more than three seconds before he reappeared and began getting dressed.  I didn't say anything. I understood.

We dropped our towels off at the room and started making our way to the Animal Containment Area.  It was quiet in the hallways. We passed a few people but nobody said anything to us other than a greeting.  We found the door leading out to animal land. Someone had left a sliver of wood between the lock to keep it open.  I barely noticed it. It never occurred to me that we could end up locked out. Hell it had been awhile since I had let a locked door stop me. I didn't have my door openers so I carefully replaced it.  As we stepped through it I held up my hand to stop Zane and froze. Something was wrong. For the first time since we had arrived I felt it then I heard it. Woof was going nuts. Zane heard it too and took off at a run. I followed him for a few paces and then passed him. 

I went through the door into the lobby fast and found it was empty. I stopped, and when Zane shot past me I grabbed him by his collar and jerked his ass back hard. He lost his footing and I pulled him to my eye level and hissed "On me." Then I let him drop. Damn I felt good again. This place had been really fucking boring.


  1. The last line sums up my thoughts :D

    Granted, I hated school with a passion too...

  2. Not boring at all for you readers,and enjoyable story.

  3. Yeah - just to clarify, this part of the story wasn't particularly exciting, but I have been on the edge of my seat wondering when something will go wrong.

  4. I know NMD. I was doing background for what comes next...I think.

  5. Hey, where's the Animal Keeper who is to be keeping Woof in kibble and fresh water in return for a piece of gold?

    He is going to be fed to Woof if anything has gone wrong.

    You can't mess with a mans' dog, even if you have a big plastic tub of his guns locked away. Don't forget the parked truck with a full tank of gas.


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