Sunday, December 26, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 11b - by Nova

We did it. Jesus the fed's loved their paperwork. I filled out forms that asked me the same thing the other forms had when we got here. I used the same bogus DOB, city, and other info I had used before. I never used my real info and hadn't for awhile. I learned that when I used to have to fill out forms online and realized I needed some fairly reasonable but wrong dates and places to use. I used the same information over and over after I forgot a password and couldn't remember what city and year I had used for my DOB.

We finished that up, I pocketed the pen, and I asked Lee "Okay. I want my weapons." 

"Not a problem Deputy Marshall Gardener. Not a problem. Welcome aboard" he stuck out his hand. I shook it. I was surprised, he didn't try to do the macho hand squash thing. He was also the first persons hand I had shook in awhile.  I had gotten out of the habit as I hadn't meet anyone I wanted to let get that close and a hold of me.

Lee wasn't slow. "Not used to shaking hands Gardener?" He asked with a faint smile.


"Yeah, I know. I think in the last year, outside the wire, for every hand I shook I must have shot a couple people."

I didn't bother to reply to that. I quit counting what felt like a million years ago now. Instead I said "Nice... Weapons?"

"You're kind of one tracked aren't you bro? Okay. Let's go get them."

We headed over to get them and once we cleared the building I asked him "So how is this Sledge thing going to play out?"  I figured I'd kill them as soon as I got geared up but I wanted to hear what the official agenda was and if it suited me.


  1. I think G is being reasonable, your weapons are like a get out of jail free ticket - if something goes wrong, you can always just fight your way out. without weapons, you get Sledge'd.

  2. Possible official version of Sledge's demise:

    "A deputy U.S. Marshal was fired upon when attempting to serve an arrest warrant upon three fugitives suspected of sexual assault at a Zone Acclimation Facility. The deputy Marshal returned fire, killing the suspects. The victim positively identified the suspects as her attackers at the morgue. The investigation has been closed."

    It doesn't really matter how they die, the announcement will be bland. A remote location with no witness to contradict the official version would be preferred.

  3. Yep. They want you gone then you are gone without a ripple.