Saturday, December 11, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 9 - by nova

I have to tell you it was the strangest experience so far when I walked into my assigned classroom after dropping Zane off at his down the hall.  It smelled like high school. It even looked like high school. The feisty Latina was sitting up towards the front. The others, a mix of youngish to middle aged packed up front and fading the closer you got to the back of the classroom. Then the dead zone, a couple rows of empty chairs with the stupid half desk tops that were never big enough but were very good at getting in the way when you wanted to get up.  The ages weren't right but the distribution was. We even had a couple of hotties with nice racks clustered together off to one side working on their whispered asides and smirks.

At the back were the bad boys. Sledge and his crew of wild boys. Greasy Ink was even there with a nice wrap on his hand.  He was trying to kill me with hateful looks.  I had paused at the door before moving towards where I decided on sitting. The teacher, an older white male with close cropped gray hair and a leathery face was writing his name on the whiteboard. He was dressed in the usual woodland camo but he wore it instead of it just being something he was wearing. He noticed me, finished writing his name "Mr. Langer" and told me "Find a seat."

"Shouldn't that have something like US Army, Ret. after it?"

"Yeah. Something like that. You have twenty seconds before class starts. Find a seat."

I decided to sit next to Sledge and the boys. I was a natural born back of the class sitter anyway. Plus it would be fun.

I nodded at Sledge and just before I settled into my seat I told Greasy Ink "Sorry about that. I thought it was a roach. If I knew it was your hand I never would have done something like that." Then I gave him my best fuck you smile.  All of Sledges boys were glaring at me. The Sledge? He was looking at me, a faint smile on his face.


  1. Thanks,nova. I am beat and needed a fix. Books on the way,enjoy!

  2. Hiya Nova,

    Hope the home-work is going smoothly!!
    Fun stuff here in AA- yah, don't let em behind you- sit next to 'em and make 'em squirm. Enjoying the better internal view of our characters(development).

  3. JO,

    Tiring. Drove 800 miles too this week. Almost done with it and then we have to put it all back together.

    Glad you like it so far.