Monday, December 20, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 11 - by Nova

We walked back to our room, slowly.  The hallway felt different. People knew. How? I have no idea but they did and always would. What the actual story was that was being whispered I had no idea.  I am sure the body count was higher and my role was insignificant. It sure felt that way to me. 

We passed Sledge's room. It was silent and I got an empty feel from it. Woof sniffed it then hoisted a leg. I tried not to laugh while Zane thought it was insanely funny. Neither one of us mentioned cleaning it up.  Sherri's room had the same feel too when we passed it. Woof knew which one was our room. He stopped in front of the door and waited for us. 

We went inside, I shut our pathetic bolt, and slowly stretched out on my bunk.  Zane was sitting on his and scratching Woof behind the ear. Woof seemed to like getting it scratched as much as Zane liked doing it.  I closed my eyes and had begun to doze off when Zane asked me "Will Sherri be okay?"

"Probably not."

He let me get back to where I was almost asleep before saying "Are we going to find Sledge and the rest and kill them?"

"That's the plan." 

"I don't mind if it takes a few days."

"Zane" I told him "Measure it in hours."  

I had made it past doze and was actually asleep when I heard the knock on the door. I was up and my feet were on the ground a half a beat ahead of the pain from doing it. Zane had fallen asleep and Woof who had been stretched out on the floor next to him was up as fast as I was. 

"Yeah. What do you want."  Then I moved a few paces from where I was and waited for the reply.

"Mr. Gardener. Can we speak to you please."

"Who is we?"

"This is Lt. Grayson and Mr. Lee from installation administration. Please open the door."

I slid the bolt back, stepped back, and told them "Come on in." 

Woof hadn't moved nor stopped growling. He was in warn mode and not attack, pretty much how I read the situation so far myself. They began to step into the room, saw Woof, and froze. Zane was up and standing next to Woof. I noticed he had his toothbrush clutched in his hand. 

"Sir. We have been asked to escort you to the installation commanders office. He would like to speak to you."

I didn't bother to ask about what. Why bother. "Okay."  I told Zane and Woof "Stay here. I'll be back." Then I walked out the door and stood in the hallway. Mr Lee was not wearing camo. I had made him for a fed as soon as I saw him. Lt. Grayson was a generic camo officer type who seemed a little stiff for the occasion. Mr Lee was in charge which made it even more interesting. Both were wearing sidearms. Mr Lee had a black leather FBI style holster while the Lt. wore the standard issue drop leg one. I wondered if there was anyone left in the military who wore a belt holster anymore. Probably not.

Mr. Lee gestured in the direction he wanted me to go and once I started moving fell in beside me while Grayson followed behind me. Things were looking up. I may hurt like a son of a bitch but I knew I had two handguns when ever I wanted.


  1. I just caught up. Great fight! It must have been three or four days since he killed someone. That's gotta be close to a record since he got out of the mine.

  2. D^2,

    Probably. He'll catch back up once he gets moving I'm sure.

  3. Excellent. Killing this bunch of scumbags is not revenge. It's justice.

    Jim in MO.

  4. GO Nova...
    Go Woof...
    Go Gardener...

    Better all the time...;-)

  5. Killing this bunch of scumbags is not revenge. It's justice.

    Justice is what you give humans. This is vermin removal.

    Rabid animals don't get trial by jury.

  6. I may hurt like a son of a bitch but I knew I had two handguns when ever I wanted.

    But these will be semi-automatics! Why, they might even contain the dreaded polymer! Surely Gardener would not deign to use such Evil tools! He would want Gun or Sword.

    Oops, beginning to mix up stories (but only a bit). ;-)

    On the other hand, if uses the semis, he better keep everything he cares about away from behind the slide!

  7. Yes, he will probably get a rash if he touches them. Lets hope he does not have to touch those evil tools of the SATAN!

  8. one of these days i've got to get a map of the AA world

  9. NMD,

    One of these days I want to get a map, a character list, and a timeline. One of these days...

  10. Revolvers are not more reliable than a good modern semi-auto (like a dirty Glock), but they fire a 2nd round from inside a coat pocket better.

    If a person likes a round with a "classic" dimension like .44 or .45 inches, a really-good revolver is WAY cheaper than an AutoMag.

    A "vintage style" revolver like .45Colt can use black powder-cast lead-unconventional lube, in the gravest extreme.

    Ruger Blackhawk/Redhawk and other modern strong revolvers can fire nearly +P .44mag speed/weight rounds without damage to the pistol, even from your coat pocket. The coat will need repair and snuffing out.

    Recent scuttlebutt is that Authoritas (formerly Pinky Guards) is encouraging many of their guards to buy very light and highly concealable level 1 and Level 2a NIJ vests (undercover style) instead of a proper stab-resistant L3 vest with plates, even though they are patrolling in uniform. In a post-collapse scenario, there will be a shortage of well-fitting soft body armor of any kind.

    To mutilate a famous quote: "Borrowed plastic semi-autos and sharpened toothbrushes are for fighting your way back to the bin of .45 revolvers."

    Has the gas been siphoned from the truck tank yet? Got keys?