Monday, December 13, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 9a - by Nova

Sledge was going to say something to me but class started.  He was a good boy. He didn't talk when the teacher was.  Mr Langer assumed the position in front of his podium. I knew that position. It was the "Listen up. I have important shit to say." The problem was I had never heard anyone say anything of importance when they struck that pose. He cleared his throat and told us:

"Welcome back to the world." He paused and did the sweep the room look. "Yes. The world. America." America rolled off his tongue. He liked the taste of it so he said it again. I wanted to raise my hand and say "But they told me this was Canada sir."  I didn't. I just wanted to get this over with.  "Yes. Together you have taken the first step in helping your country and yourself to get back on your feet and reclaim the greatness that once was America and the standard of living that is your birthright."

This was news to me. I thought we were supposed to work for it. I wish they had thought of this when I was busy getting evicted from my condo.

"Your classes over the next three days..." Here was a pause as papers rustled an everyone took a look at the course outline or agenda or whatever the hell they were calling it. I didn't rustle any paper because I had given mine to Zane and never asked for it back. Sledge and his boys actually had theirs. Well, everyone but Sledge. He reached over and grabbed one his boys paperwork.  My lack didn't go unnoticed.

"You. Where is your curriculum?"

I mulled several answers and decided to go with "Lost it."  As soon as I said it I saw an image of a once upon a time Carol sitting two rows over, looking at me, and smiling. I hoped the image would stick around. She usually was my go to person for a pen or pencil back then.  It faded.

I had been lost in the image. Lost enough that I only caught the end of his lecture on holding on to any material we received. That is was our scared duty not to waste paper and slouch in our chairs. Well, actually he didn't say that in so many words but I ran it through my translator and that was what came out. I took the paperwork that was passed back to me, sighed, and tried to focus on it. Sledges smirk didn't go unnoticed either.

While Langer continued to ramble on about the new nation we were going to build I daydreamed about going back, getting my weapons and killing Sledge, his boys, and maybe Langer. I gave up and actually read the fucking schedule.  I might as well since it was how I was going to be spending the next three days. It didn't hold any surprises.We were in orientation now. During Day One we would be talking about exciting stuff. I read:

The US Government and your role
Basic Hygine
Who is the enemy?
Building community

Pretty thin stuff I thought. With a little luck we would watch a movie and I could sleep.


  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the price of a day's worth of propaganda. Not a bad deal if you can avoid the hook.

  2. G is just not intel material... but that is OK as he has other 'redeeming' qualities!

  3. Who is the enemy?
    It's good they get to that on day one. :-D Is the fed gov't recognizing the deities that are running amok? lol
    Or just the Brethren types?

    I'm surprised G hasn't fashioned himself a weapon from something yet. Fork aside, a nice toothbrush whittled into shiv, or piece of bunkbed scraped sharp.. might come in handy.

  4. Jennie,

    Yeah. I was thinking about that but wasn't sure how to do it. I did it.