Monday, December 20, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 10d - by Nova

I hit the floor hard and so did Sledge.  He began punching before he landed and the only good thing was he wasn't launching them with his entire body. I felt Greasy Inks boot connect and I wondered if Pockmark had cum yet. I hoped he hadn't because these two were going to be difficult enough as it was. I was struggling to get up and Sledge wasn't going to let me go. We were both grunting, him from punching me, me from getting punched.  I was slamming into him with my one free arm but it wasn't doing jack. I might as well have been beating on a tree trunk. I got him to let go by grabbing his pinky and bending it back until I broke it.  He didn't yell, He just grunted "Motherfucker!" and let go enough that I could break free. 

Free is a relative word. It was more like get to my feet, try to step away to get some room to work, and get kicked backwards by Greasy Ink. What was working in my favor is this all took place in front of the door. That limited it to Greasy and Sledge against me until they got of the way to let Pockmark join in. Counter guy passed by inside the room. For a microsecond I saw him pass by -- both hands holding on to my toothbrush in his neck. Good man. He was keeping track of it for me. 

Greasy Ink snapped a kick at me. He had martial arts training somewhere in his past.  I didn't bother to block it, if we had been alone I would have moved into it and taken him down. Instead I flipped his leg up and he lost his balance. That was a good thing. The bad thing was Sledge. He was quick and he was upright. He hit me so hard in the chest that as I flew backward I half expected to see his hand holding my heart.  I understood why they called him "Sledge" now. I hit the ground partially and a pallet partially.  That hurt like a mother too. I slipped down to the floor and looked up at them.  They were coming towards me. Greasy was smiling. Sledge just looked bored. I couldn't breath or talk clearly but I managed a fairly credible "Fuck you" for them.

Sledge abruptly stopped, cocked his head, and held out his arm to stop Greasy Ink from moving forward. We had both heard the same thing.  Someone in a security team had just yelled "Clear!" in the lobby.  Sledge told him "Time to go! Get him and move." 

"Him" being Pockmark. Greasy hesitated and Sledge growled "Now!"   I heard him yell at PockMark "Police!"  While he did that Sledge looked down at me, shook his head, made that damn tsktsk sound and told me "She wasn't all that good of a fuck." He turned and started jogging down the hallway towards the fire exit. Greasy was a few paces behind and Pock was catching up quick.  I was trying to get back on my feet and not doing all that well when I heard two things simultaneously. One was the click of claws moving fast towards me. The other was the guy wearing my toothbrush in his throat. It had been leaking blood steadily.  If he had pulled it out he would of been dead by now but he knew enough not too. 

He was standing in front of me. He couldn't yell or scream at me but eyes were trying to make up for it in a pure hate filled glare. His lips were moving. I think he either was trying to say something or just going through the motions when Woof hit him.  If I had been Sledge I would have made "tsktsk" sounds at Woof. He wouldn't have heard them probably. He was too busy ripping someones throat out.  Stupid damn dog would probably eat my toothbrush too.

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