Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 9g - by Nova

And if I was honest with myself the idea of saving Carol and returning the conquering hero was appealing. Very appealing. Plus I could back to Night and savor the other rewards after she got over being pissed. I really hoped she wouldn't be but odds were pretty good she would be.

"Okay Zane. Show me how you sharpened yours."

We worked on them until lights out. While we did I asked him if the crows had shown  him anything new.  He was slow answering and when he did tell me there had been nothing I heard the undertone of sadness. It took me ten minutes to understand. Probably a record for me.

"You worried about your mom?"


"Don't worry. She's a survivor. Plus she couldn't be any safer than where she is at now."

He looked at me and truth checked my eyes. He was satisfied with what he saw.  We went back to honing our toothbrushes.

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