Sunday, December 19, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 10c - by Nova

Where was the robot talking asshole who was supposed to be here?  I looked behind the counter hoping for a weapon and found nothing but a cheap pair of scissors. One of these years all the cheap crap will have been flushed out of the American system and I wouldn't have to deal with plastic handled metal with all the edge and strength of a paperclip. I put in my back pocket anyway. 

I quietly opened the door to the animal area and crouched down to look around the corner. Nothing in sight but everything I needed was coming in clearly in audio.  The dog pens were to my left. Straight ahead led to the big animal pens. Off to my right and down was a storage area.  They really should have shut the door. 

"Okay Zane. This what I need you to do. You need to haul ass to Woof , let him out, and come back to me. When you get back here I want you to go just as fast to find a security team. If you don't see one when you get back in the main building start yelling Fire!  Got it?"

"Got it."

I squeezed his shoulder and said "Go!"

He went like a little rocket.

Well this is going to suck but I had no choice. At least I had a choice in which weapon I was going to use. It was going to be me and a sharp toothbrush or a cheap pair of scissors against Sledge and his fuckwads.  I really wanted to wait for backup but Sherri's low scream of pain let me with no options other than one.  I really hoped Woof understood my situation and didn't decide to hang with his biggest fan.

I moved at a lope down the hallway with my toothbrush in my hand. When I made the door way I stopped and eased into it. The dumb asses had the counter robot watching the door. He wasn't doing a good job of it due to being distracted  I hoped he had done a better job with Woof. What I saw matched up with what I had heard.  Sherri was bent over a pallet of feed sacks and was getting raped by Pockmark.  Sledge and Greasy Ink were watching. Robot Man was asking Sledge "It's my turn after him. Right?"  Sherri's face was turned away from me. I was glad of that. 

That's when everything started happening.  I reached out with my right arm and grabbed the counter guy, pulled him close, and stuck my tooth brush in his throat. I was going to have to remember to get that back. Practicing proper dental hygiene was important to me. Then I shoved him to one side, grinned at Sledge, and said "I heard they got some sheep here. Isn't that more your..." That was as far as I got. I had hoped we could exchange witty insults for a couple of minutes but Sledge wasn't the type. He let out a roar and bull rushed me. No finesse. I set myself, rode it, and used his forward movement and weight against him.  It would have worked, in fact it kind of did, the only problem was Greasy Ink was a half step behind him.  Maybe Max or Bruce Lee could have Kung Fu'ed their asses.  Instead I went backwards off balance along with Sledge. I let go off him because I knew I was going down and I didn't want him next to me or on me when I landed. He didn't let go. He had done this before.


  1. Nova - nice work. I don't see how Gardener gets out of this without some damage. He needs help and fast.

    If this ever gets made into a movie, Sledge and the gang should be covered with prison tats. I see them as straight up thugs from the prison yard.

    And I really, really hope this gets made into a movie.

  2. I like it, thanks as always nova.

  3. That would be cool if it did make it as a move. Big Bucks!!


    Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and yours!