Monday, December 6, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 8 - by Nova

We didn't get to eat right away. We were issued three sets of woodland camo, there must have been a shitload of woodland camo in a warehouse somewhere nearby.  A toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, a cheap towel, and some propaganda which I didn't bother to look at after seeing the photo of the General on it. He was looking very leader like nowadays compared to what I remembered.  Someone had convinced him to trim his eyebrows so he no longer looked like he had caterpillars pasted above his eyeballs.

We were checked for head lice and then we got our naked bodies ogled by a couple of guys who liked their job. Supposedly it was to make sure we didn't have any running sores or the measles which, according them at least, was making a comeback. I did ask them "Y'all waiting for your old jobs with TSA to come back?" I thought it was funny. Zane didn't get it. The older one muttered "asshole" once we had moved on but I let it slide. I could shoot someone when I was naked but punch them? That took being a  "swinging dick" farther than I wanted to go.

We were given our course material and told we could get a light meal since it wasn't officially dinner. We ate a fairly decent meal in the "mess hall", yes, it was really called that.  I was a bit surprised they called it something so simple and descriptive. I was expecting something like the Food and Nutrition Delivery Center.  It wasn't a bad meal. Soup and sandwiches.

We had our room that could have slept four. Two sets of bunk beds. I thought about Night again. We could have made it work. Just drag both mattresses on the floor. Hell, we could made one mattress work for at least a couple hours. Instead it was me and Zane. He was sitting on his bottom bunk while I sat on mine and studied the door. No chair to wedge under the door knob. No lock except for a cheap ass bolt that Zane could probably pop if hit the door with a running start.  Not good. I was really missing my weapons. Damn, I even missed the weight of all that iron. 

"So how are you doing Zane?"

He was busy looking at the course material for our classes. I don't know why. He couldn't read all that well.


  1. I admire the dedication. When I did a major remodel, I could barely keep up with work. And here you're writing on the side. Do you sleep?

    Thanks for keeping it going. I can't wait to see how it develops.

  2. Maybe move the bed against the door for when 'Monster' and crew decides on a midnight dorm visit.

  3. D^2,

    I like to do it plus I feel the need too.