Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Chapter 8b - by Nova

We settled down when they came in. Sledge and his crew of ruffians.  They tried cutting the line but the middle aged Latino woman who they tried to push ahead of wasn't in the mood. She lit into them and Sledge tried to chest her.  She poked him in the sternum with her index finger and got louder. Security was already moving towards the disturbance and Sledge switched to smiles and apologies while he smoothly disengaged and turned his flock around. They amused me. I kept track of them while I listened to Zane talk about his favorite cereal and how long it had been since he had it. 

I listened as the one with the ink and greasy hair argued with the woman who was doling out the doughnuts. He didn't get anywhere. She spoke four words "One man. One doughnut." and then just shook her head until he gave up.  They were headed our way. No big deal there. The only table that had enough space to seat them was just down from us.

I had just finished eating my eggs and was gazing at the beauty of my doughnut when Greasy Inks hand appeared. He was going for the doughnut and he was quick. I drove the fork into the web of his hand just in time to stop him before he touched it. The first stab pinned his hand. Then, using my right fist as a hammer I came down hard on the fork handle and punched it through his skin.  He was most unhappy. He screamed like I had gut shot him.

As soon as I had driven the fork in the second time I was swinging my feet up and twisting my body to get out from under the table. My boots had just made it to the other side and I was coming off the bench seat when he hit me. Hard.  He caught me on the shoulder and drove me backwards and on my ass. The son of a bitch could punch. I came back up off the floor with the fork still in my hand. I was going to punch it straight into his throat when security yelled "Freeze!"  One of the security people was behind Greasy Ink with a leveled shotgun. I read his eyes and froze. Greasy Ink didn't. He snap kicked me in the gut and then went down hard because of the butt stroke he had just received in the head. I held up my hands and said "Hey! I'm cool."

I could feel Sledge and his remaining lads coming up behind me and then stop. The second security guy was on Zane's side of the table and I could see the barrel of his weapon out of my peripheral vision. It wasn't pointed at me. He was telling Sledge to get his ass back in his seat. The one with the shotgun told me "I want you to slowly back up until you hit the wall and stay on it until I say otherwise." I did it.  I ended up with a nice view of what happened next.


  1. Oh man Nova, I had forgotten how good you were with cliffhangers.

  2. Jonathan,

    Thanks! The next parts will be a bit boring.



  3. It wasn't. Good writing Nova! My autographed AA1 is among the books on my bedside bookcase,most of the others are going to storage.