Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Anchorage Motel

Actually exists. Here is a couple photos of it.


  1. Yes, on Rt 50 in Md, before the Howard Johnsons and the Bay Bridge. It had slot machines about 45 years ago. Been past it many, many times.
    Iam Nottfrog, er dawg/*&^$ Dog

  2. Holy cow!

    That photo could have been taken from my mind's eye, although I "saw" it with blue trim.

    A demonstration of the power of good writing.

    Thank you ~

  3. Does the county or state still pay for homeless to stay there?

  4. Nottadog, You are thinkinking of its twin. There were 2 built like this. This one is in Fairfax on rt 50


    That is cool! I wondered if by posting it I would ruin how people saw it.


    Yeah. This might be the last year due to budget problems

  5. Here there is a Howard Johnson high-rise in the heart of downtown that started to be renovated then the owners ran out of money and the state started buying rooms for the homeless - I feel bad for tourists that rent rooms there although I'm sure they keep them on separate floors.

    I wonder how long it will be until the money for that dries up and they come pouring out onto the streets.

    I'm following the opinion of several other analysts that it will not be a 'double-dip' but rather a sharper, steeper & deeper leg down coming right up.

  6. fshb,

    i agree about the 2nd leg down too