Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Mover - Part 7f

Instead I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Once again my head was jerked back and the tip of a knife rested between my eyes right at the point where I shaved to prevent monobrow. I couldn't help myself. My eyes crossed looking at the blade and the hand holding it. 

"You're going to leave and never come this way again."

I nodded my head. That was a mistake. I was now beginning to bleed from from where the tip had just punctured skin due to my stupidity in nodding.  I was also beginning to think I might get out of this alive.

He continued "None of your people will conduct Ops, pass out tracts, or walk my streets. If they do I will find you. We won't talk when I do. Do you understand?"

I croaked out a "Yes."   

"I don't like you. I don't believe your bullshit. You're lucky I was listening to your little harangue earlier.  Don't bring your Burner shit beyond the Car People parking lot."

The voice in my head was shouting "He's going to let me live! Dumbass is making a serious mistake. Payback was going to be a bitch."

The blade disappeared from view. I felt it arrive at its new resting point -- the top of my forehead. He changed position and tilted my head back.  I looked directly up and into his eyes. They were blue. His face was expressionless. He said "I didn't miss which way you were looking when you were rubbing your dick. You better hope no one disappears or is hurt around here anytime soon." I felt his grip tighten on my hair and the blade began cutting its way down my forehead. It burnt like cold fire. I yelled "Hey!"  I felt the blade stop and then start again back at the top. Blood was starting to pour down my face.  I started to struggle and as soon as I did the blade re-centered itself in front of my right eye.  I heard "Don't" and I stopped.  He went back to work. About 30 seconds later he stopped, looked at his work, smiled, and told me "Not bad. When you look at it in the mirror I want you to think about today. You fucking asshole!" As he said "Asshole" he  slapped me hard upside the head and stepped back. I was completely blinded by the blood in my eyes now but I heard him say "Remember" and I knew he was going. 

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