Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 5 - By nova

The room I found myself in was the good-bye room. Good-bye to the "Detention Center" as the county called it. Except it quickly turned out to be the hello room for me.  A suit wearing, overweight, middle aged White man was grinning at me with a pretty decent set of choppers. Hovering at his elbow was a younger blond in the female version of the power suit complete with the immaculate frosted blond hair of an anchorwoman. She wasn't smiling so I couldn't check her teeth out. They both had American flag lapel pins. On his other elbow was a casually dressed, the business style casual, White guy in his early thirties who was grinning at me. He had good teeth too. Today I decided was White people with good teeth day. There was some serious money in those jaws.

The suit headed towards me and I briefly thought of running.  He had his hand out for me to grip and his grin was amped up to 1000 megawatts of sincerity. "Hello Chosen" was what he said. Without thinking I had my hand out and he was pumping it as Casual Man snapped a quick photo with his camera phone.  I said "Hello" back. I didn't know what else to say. "My name is Tyler Waltham and the lady next to me is Amy Rogers. We're your legal team for this little spot of difficulty you have found yourself in. This gentlemen is Dennis Howlee who represents an organization that finds your actions to be very admirable. I shook hands with all of them. I shook more hands in the past couple of minutes then I had in the last year.   I was grinning too.I couldn't help it. I wish I could stop. My teeth weren't in the same league as theirs were.  

He touched me lightly on the shoulder and said "C'mon. Lets get you out of here and get a decent meal in your stomach." He turned, his klingons turned, I turned, and by the time we had taken three steps they had formed a triangle wall of grinishness around me with Tyler talking and leading.  "Don't be surprised when we leave here. Some people have turned out to see you.  We'll get through that and be in the car and gone in a jiffy." He added as an afterthought "If that's okay with you?"  I nodded and said "Sure."  I had no idea what was happening but everything seemed okay. They weren't wearing sunglasses at least and the food part sounded good.  "Maybe they were angels in disguise?" I thought as we went out the door. We went out like we were sliding and the world got speedier because as we did.

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