Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 5a by Nova

The day just kept getting weirder for me. We hit the sunshine and there was more camera crews waiting for me then there had been outside the Safeway. There was even a flock of people outside waving signs. The Sheriffs deputies had them pushed back away from the door behind yellow tape. I stopped dead and so did my escort. I didn't realize until later that they were posing. Me? I was getting overwhelmed. The noise was like bees. Buzz buzz buzz went their voices in the air around me. Their faces were like fish. Mouths opening and closing. Making their stupid BUZZING sound. Some of them even had sunglasses on! Then HE spoke to me "Do not worry. Some of the are our sheep. Some of them be wolves. Stop and look! Look for the signs!"

I thought "Okay. Will Do." I think he had already signed off which was nothing new. I felt Tyler nudge me and then say "Let's go." I didn't move. I was looking for signs.  I craned my neck and checked the sky.No. Nothing there except for it looked like we might be in for rain later.   There was a stupid crow watching me from its perch on top of a light pole. It wasn't talking which was good. I never liked crows and I especially hated running into them in the woods. They would start yelling at me like I had done something wrong. I suspected they were minions of the Evil One but I didn't have any confirmation on that yet.

I looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary and I had no idea what to do next. I mean signs were supposed to come from the sky usually.  I hadn't seen a sky sign before but I guessed they were more noticeable than rainbows. Probably more like a tornado. Now Amy was whispering "Let's go Chosen. Dinner will get cold."  She was wearing some very nice perfume. Then it struck me! "Signs!" They were right in front of me. The problem was my eyes weren't that good and it had been awhile since I could afford contacts. Tyler was tugging on my arm again. So I moved and I did it quickly. I headed for the people waving the signs behind the tape and stopped short of the tape by about ten feet.

The signs said:

Save our jobs!

God want us to work!

Jesus was a Carpenter! Not a Machine!

Then the revelation hit me. The signs all had the same lettering and were made from the same  materials. I had seen that done before downtown for the yearly Pro Life march.  It was a revelation but not one I understood. Was HE telling me that these signs were made by HIM?   That the people waving them were angels or servants like me of the WAY?  I studied their faces. I didn't like them. I wasn't sure why. They looked okay but one of them had sunglasses on. An infiltrator? A disguise? They were looking at me but they weren't. Tyler and the other two were next to me again. Amy asking me "Please Chosen. Can we go?" The plea and the please caught me and I went with the tug this time.


  1. Did the puppeteers find their puppet?

  2. This "puppet" won't stay one long. If it's puppeteers he's found, they will end up worse for wear.

    Nova, I had doubts about this guy, and I still think he's sort of an odd protagonist, but this is very definitely growing on me!

  3. Yeah, I am not sure where I am going with this. It is growing on me too. I think it is reflecting my anger about jobs and the entire cult of efficiency. I'm glad ya'll are finding it interesting.

    This is the first story outside of AA related writing that feels right.

  4. So when do we get back to Gardener and Max and WOOF and company? I wasn't done with it yet !

  5. Iam.

    When I finish this probably. They are still there. Waiting for me to come back