Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 2a by Nova

I couldn't take my eyes off them as we dragged them into the bushes.  They still looked human but different. Their skin color had changed. Not a lot but enough to be noticeable. They had changed. Their souls had left them. I was wondering if after you died your soul took a little of your color with them as skin?  That would be strange. I didn't think HE cared. I had seen souls before in a vision. They sparkled like diamonds on the outside while different colors like Christmas tree bulbs danced inside.  They were beautiful. Maybe they were Angel souls and regular people didn't get the fancy colors. Maybe we were like paper bags with a candle inside of them. I had stopped to think about it when I heard her say "Hey. You there?"

I shook myself and looked over at her. She was standing there, hip cocked and eyebrow raised.  Waiting for me to do something I guess. Instead I asked her "What do you think souls look like?"

"Butterflies for good people. Bats for bad people."She didn't even hesitate or look at me funny. She just answered. I nodded. I liked it. I was going to think about that one later.

"We got to get out of here. You live around here?"

I answered her "Yes." I pointed in what I hoped was the right direction.  I got lost sometimes. "Over there."

"In the woods?"

"Yes. I have a tent" I told her hopefully. "Not a good one."

"Yeah. I'm not surprised. Lets go."

I looked at her questioningly "Where?"

She spoke slowly this time. People do that to me sometimes.  Well, a lot of the time now. They didn't use too. "We need to get your stuff and move. Someone will find the bodies They probably will let the police know. They will search this area and arrest someone with a large pig sticker." My eyes widened. "Yes. That would be you." she added.

"Oh...okay."  I started walking.  She fell in behind me. 

She asked me after we had walked about a hundred yards "You have a name?"

"I am the Chosen One." I told her proudly.

There was silence for a bit. I pointed out the poison ivy patch to her. Her only reply was "Nice. I hate the fucking woods."

About a minute after that she asked me "Can I call you Bob?"

I stopped dead and turned around.  "I am not kidding" It was my turn to talk slowly. "I am The Chosen. HE has said so." I stared at her. If she couldn't accept that then she couldn't be in my Army.  She raised her hand "Okay. Okay. How about I call you Chosen. Will that work?"  I thought about it.  "Yes."  I was getting ready to start walking when I realized I didn't know her name so I asked.


"Hello Sharon." I liked her name it. It fit her.

"Hello Chosen."

I stretched out my hand and after a few seconds hesitation she took it and we shook.  Then we continued on to my camp.


  1. Really like all the different views of these stories. Whether they actually do or not I can see how these different time lines (?) relate to AA. Makes some really good reading whichever way you go with them.
    Thanks for nanoo's stuff too.Another talented writer. :)


  2. Hey JGP,

    Thanks for reading. Yeah, she is good. Very good

  3. With a full belly, I sit here reading AA with a new character. Here's a white guy with a big knife sporting a Koren name (Cho-Sin). The Army of One just got recruit number one, Gen. Sharon. Cool.

  4. pdxr13,

    I missed that. Chosen - Cho-Sin. Yeah. Chosen should go by the Army recruiter and see if he has any extra "Army of One" t-shirts.


  5. Nova, you've really got me hooked. This stuff is grrrreat! I've not posted to your comments before since I'm a guest on your blog. But I can't help it. I want more..thank you

  6. i love your writting tank you for all of it