Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 1d

I didn't have any sign that HE was coming to visit.  I was starting to recognize them tho sometimes HE would sneak up on me. HE could do that because he was HE.   That was another reason I didn't stay in a shelter or in one of the Tree People camps. When HE came to visit I went down hard.  I didn't like for people to see me like that. It was embarrassing and it left me very vulnerable to them. That was never a good thing. Never.

Other times HE was just a voice in my head.  It was a good voice. A comforting one. HE told me the very first time he came to visit  that I would never be alone again.  HE was always going to be there. I cried after HE told me that.  Later I told myself I would always remember what HE said that but sometimes the memory seemed fuzzy.  I didn't want it to slip away.  So much already had it seemed.

Then I heard the voices.  I thought "Shit! You idiot! You got comfortable to close to the path!" Panic hit me then I remembered I had the ARMOR of the LORD on. Well, most of it. Plus I had HE at my back.  I smiled. I was invincible. "Plus" I thought excitedly "It might be my Army coming!"   I stood up an adjusted my sword. I was still having problems with that. The damn sword was awkward at times. They stopped dead. I surprised them rising from the ferns like I had.  The one who had the girl said "What the fuck!"  The other one just stopped and stared at me. The girl, she didn't look happy.  I noticed the man holding her had bruised her arm.

I said "Hello."  They looked at me. The one on the right of the guy holding her I had seen before. I didn't like him. He was thin, White, and always looked at everything sideways.  He was also wearing  EYE HIDERS. People called them sunglasses. I didn't. They hid the eyes and I needed to see them. The Devil lived in peoples eyes and peered out at you. Nobody in my Army was going to be allowed to wear them. The other guy was taller and big. He had muscles and tattoos.  He didn't have on EYE HIDERS.  I looked at him. I took a step closer so I could see better.  I saw it then. DEVIL EYES!  The girl just had frightened eyes.  Something was wrong here.  I guess I stared to long because Big Guy said "What the fuck you staring at?" Normally I would have apologized and left.  Not this time. I was bound by the rules of HE not to let bad things happen to the defenseless. I wasn't sure exactly where it said that but I knew it had to be in there.

Shifty Eyes said "He's a fucking crazy. Hey! Crazy! Get the hell out of our way!"

The girls eyes were talking to me. Pleading with me. She didn't need to. I understood.  A Devil had her.

"No." I said it calmly because I was calm. Very calm.  "I will not."

Big Guy laughed. He told me "I don't know about that shit you got hanging from your belt but you need to get the hell out of our way."

Shifty showed he was a Devil too because he said "Last chance Crazy Man."  He said it softly. He began reaching for the blade he had on his belt. A hunting knife.  Big Man shoved the girl to the ground hard. She cried out in pain when she landed.

I smiled at them and pulled the Sword from its sheath. It didn't come smoothly but I got it out. Shifty kind of smiled until he saw Sword. Sword was wicked looking. It wasn't a play toy.  Then just as clear as if HE was standing behind me I heard his voice say "KILL THEM."   It was easy. Much easier than I had expected. Big Guy charged me. His arms stretched out to grab me. I heard HE tell me "STEP AND STAB." I did. Big Guy looked surprised.  "PULL AND TURN" I did and caught Shifty coming. I extended my arm and Sword bit him. He looked surprised too. I pulled and stabbed again moving in closer. I turned and saw Big Guy on his feet trying to hold the blood in. I gave him another spot for him to try and stop the leaking. He looked at me and said "Why?" I told him the truth. "Because I am The Chosen." I think he understood then.  He fell forward and I had to step out of the way.

I didn't feel anything. Well I did feel gratitude.  I said out loud "Thank you Lord!"  Then I turned to the girl and asked "Are you going to join my Army?"


  1. Nova,nice to see you writing about one of my former neighbors.

  2. Snicker snack went my vorpal sword...
    The crows cracked me up - becaws... Also the 'crazy guy' popping up outta the lush fern bed- funny image- it would surprise you! I remember walking with a couple old friends late one night after we all hadn't visited in a long time... We ended up sitting on a public picnic table to rest and continue chatting. There was a scrap of tarp that the wind had blown in and tangled around a table leg... After a half hour or so it started to crackle and rustle- Yikes, we thought there was a possum under it... Nope- that was some homeless guys 'cover'. We about crapped to discover him literally under our feet... "Cant' you guys go somehwere else, I'm trying to sleep..." Oops, sorry dude, we are gone! LOL...

  3. Tom,

    He is just biding his time and making lists for when the Party comes into power.


    Yeah, I wondered if anyone would catch that.

    I like the tarp story. Hmmmmmm.....