Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chosen - Part 5e - Chapter 5

The driver flipped his right turn signal on and we pulled over into an empty parking lot drifting to a stop.  By then Tyler had regained his composure and was telling me "Look Chosen. It's okay. Calm down.  We're here to help you."

I kept the barrel of the gun against the drivers head and replied "How's that Tyler?"

He sighed. "Chosen. We got Safeway to drop the charges. We hoped to take you to a house not far from here where we could have dinner. Then we wanted to talk about our organization and what kind of role we see you playing in it." He smiled, an added "The house would be yours to use while you thought about it." He smiled sadly and added "Your choice. We don't kidnap people." He gestured to the door "Go ahead. If you want we will get out and the driver will take you where ever you want to go."  

I noticed Amy's eyes get a little bigger when he said the last part but she was a team player so she chimed in with "I'm sorry if I said anything the offended you Chosen. Please stay and eat with us at least." She smiled.

I waited and thought about it. HE wasn't saying pro or con so I pulled GUN down and said "Sorry about that."  I didn't put GUN away. I left her in my lap.

Tyler held up a hand "No. No. Not all. You have been through a rough time and we are strangers. If it is anyones fault it is mine.  I did not communicate very clearly our intentions." He told the driver "It's all right. Go ahead." The driver didn't say anything. He shifted to drive an eased us back on to the road.  As he did Tyler told me "Please. If you have any questions, doubts, or anything...please tell one of us.  Dennis up there..." He pointed at Dennis in the front seat just in case I had forgot he was there "Is going to help you out."  Dennis was looking over his shoulder listening and watching and took that as his cue to say "Yes Sir!" He favored me with a grin and told me "Anything you need or any questions you might have. Just ask."

So I asked him  "What's for dinner?"

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  1. Dennis, I want you to go change your underwear, you stink, demon man.