Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Chosen - Part 5d by Nova

I took a deep breath and blew it out. Seeing  a Lemonade Girl was always good thing but  it always came with a price. An ache in my heart like a bad bruise that sometimes took days to go away. I looked over at Tyler and asked him "When and where are we going to eat?"

"So you're back with us?" This was from Amy. It wasn't asked because she cared. She was angry because I hadn't acted right.

I thought for a second, ignoring the anger that flared up. Ignoring my stomach rumbling. I was The Chosen One. I lived in the woods and lived on his WORD. Not other peoples handouts and charity. HE guided me and sheltered me under his wing. I needed nothing from no one.

"Stop the car!"

What?" Tyler looked genuinely puzzled. "Do you need to use the bathroom Chosen?'

I ignored him, looked at Amy and said "You speak like a serpent. You look like a harlot and your face is a mask behind which nothing but emptiness, spite, and desire for what you can not have spends its time chasing shadows." Then I drew GUN, leaned forward, placed the barrel against the back of the drivers skull, and said "Stop the car or in the name of HE who rules or I will splatter his head all over the inside of this car."

The SUV jerked a bit, hinking over into the next lane by a half of a car width before the driver got it steadied and back in the lane.  Dennis was looking back at me and raising his cell to his ear.

I looked at him and said "Don't."  He slowly put the cell back down.

Tyler looked like he was going to have a heart attack while Amy looked like a woman I had seen at the mall once who had just been told none of her cards were any good. I said "Last time. Stop the FUCKING CAR!"  I had long ago decided that swearing was okay as long as HIS name was not used in vain.  HE seemed okay with it too. I secretly thought he probably swore too.  Why not? His world was pretty messed up and filled with irritating idiots.


  1. Stopping in, but I am not reading the posts because I want to wait for the novel to get the whole package.

  2. Thanks for coming by. We're always open except when we aren't.

  3. I'm really beginning to like this guy. The line about Amy looked like a woman I had seen at the mall once who had just been told none of her cards were any good was classic.

  4. wonderful writing

  5. I really liked the line "Amy looked like a woman I had seen at the mall once who had just been told none of her cards were any good" also.
    And the description of the Lemonade Girl made my chest ache.Great writing.

  6. Thanks all. I think every hetro male has known a Lemonade girl. They live at the corner of innocence and reality

  7. Keep up the good work.
    Concur with above posters, classic.
    Just a note to let you know you have an enraptured audience.

    The Piper
    (will be paid)

  8. Hey Piper, Thanks. You always get paid - one way or the other.