Friday, August 27, 2010

The Chosen - Part 5b by Nova

So we went. We went past the media people thrusting microphones and yelling questions. Past the eyeballs and the chants of "Jobs for People! Jobs for People!"  past the Sheriffs deputies and courthouse workers and visitors who looked me like I was an alien. Tyler was saying every three seconds "No comment. No comment" like a machine except he did it warmly and with a smile. All the way down the cement sidewalk to a waiting black SUV where a man waited to open the door for us.  Us being Me, Tyler, and Amy. Dennis sat up up front. He had to open his own door.  Both Dennis an Amy were on their cell phones as soon as we were rolling.  The driver had on sunglasses and a Devil implant in his ear to talk on.  I was not liking this much on one hand and on the other it was so different that it was fun.  I knew HE would guide me through all this and I was hoping that he wouldn't tell me to leave until after I ate dinner and maybe had desert.

I thought I might see Sharon in the crowd but she wasn't there. That was probably a smart move on her part.  Plus it was a long way on foot for her to go.  I hoped we didn't go to far away because I didn't want to have to walk for miles if I bailed out either. I was content for now to sit in the comfortable seat an enjoy the air conditioning. Of course Tyler had to start talking to me and ruin my quiet time.

"So Chosen I bet your wondering why we are all here hmmm?" He chuckled. 

"Because GOD sent you."

He blinked and I noticed Amy twitch. After a second he smiled and said "Why yes. That is definitely one way to see it. Yes indeed." He cleared his throat and Amy quit mumbling to who ever was on the other end, hung up, and put on the "Attentive" face.  It was weird, I was going to watch her more. Her face didn't move very much while Tyler's moved a lot but his eyes didn't change.

Tyler, who was sitting across from me, leaned forward and told me "Some of us think you are a special person Chosen. The video of you and that Black girl, what's her name?"

"Friend." I said it flatly. "Sorry Tyler" I thought "You don't get her name that easy. Not when you ride around in a car with a Demon for a driver.

He let my answer hang out there in the air for a second before continuing "...Yes...I see. Anyways. The video of you two smashing the self checkouts went .... What's that word again Amy?"


"Thank you Amy. Yes. That's it. Viral.  You hit a nerve there Chosen. We seem to think you are on to something. Something big. Real big. We want to make you an offer. Get you on the team."

I interrupted him. "Who's we?"  I was genuinely curious what he would say too.

He exchanged a look with Amy and said "Yes. I am kind of getting the cart before the horse. There is a complicated way to answer that and a simple way.  Which way do you want it?"

"I'll go with the simple."

He laughed and Amy beamed at me. He said "Great! Life's complicated enough as it is." Now he was back to leaning forward again and going for maximum eye contact. "We are a consortium of churches and people who feel that America needs to go back to the simpler ways. The way it was in our Grandparents time. A world where the word of the lord meant something. A time when there was not all this smut, violence, drugs, and wanton behavior.  You know what I mean don't you Chosen?"

I answered "Are you a preacher Tyler?"

This sparked the biggest laugh so for. He slapped his leg and told me "Good lord no son. I am just a simple lawyer tilling in the vineyards for those much closer to the lord than I can ever claim to be." 

"You do know what consortium means don't you Chosen?" This was from Amy. She was smiling that little half smile. I had seen it before and I would probably see it again. It was the SUPERIOR smile.

"Yes Amy I do." I wanted to say more. Maybe something snippy.  Instead I decided I was going to be on my best behavior.  These people, I was pretty sure were not what they said they were but I was hungry and this all had to be part of HIS plan so I was going to see where it went. I really wanted to scream SATAN BITCH! in her face but while it would feel good it was not what the situation called for.


  1. This is getting good, much better. It is interesting that Chosen exercises so much conscious choice in his behavior. He is also quite intelligent when it comes to sizing people up.

  2. Nova:

    I'm a long time reader and a first time commenter.

    You have a lot of talent. I enjoy your stories a lot. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Iam,

    I am glad you are liking it. People think because you are poor, or look it, that you're stupid.



  4. You have a way with this story. I see a few old acquaintances in Chosen. He's a troubled soul, not a User. Most of them were very near normal until they got off their meds or let the booze get a hold of them.

    I enjoy each and every posting. Drive on.

    Jim in MO.

  5. The lawyers are tempting the chosen in the name of the corpse brides.