Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6 - by Nova

Dinner was very good. The house was barely furnished which Amy apologized repeatedly for.  There was a couch and chairs in the living room. The dining room had a table with enough chairs and the bedrooms all had beds and dressers. I didn't understand why she was apologizing at all and I asked her "Why are you apologizing? The place is fine."  She started telling me about how she would have like to color coordinate that chairs and that tile didn't match the walls. She kept going but I tuned her out.  Especially as it dawned on me that she didn't really cook the dinner we were having.  She had "planned" it.

A Latino woman, named Rosa, who was never introduced as a person, but was constantly referenced by Amy as in "Rosa! We can start serving." and later, when she wasn't present, everyone agreed on what a wonderful cook "Rosa" and Dennis added "She is such a giving Christian and help to our ministry."  I let Tyler say grace. They pushed pretty hard for me to say it but I decided I would eat first and see which way this was going. Plus sometimes my brain wouldn't cooperate and I had problems forming sentences.  I felt like I was skirting the edge of one of the spells and I didn't want them to hear it it. They wouldn't understand that it was part of the blessing HE had bestowed on me. For sometimes, not always, HE would talk and sometimes appear to me.

They all began talking about Rosa and her great tamales and enchiladas. So I told them "I hate Mexican food. It isn't American and it's made by JOB STEALERS!"  That produced a bit of an awkward silence for everyone but me.  The TRUTH is not awkward. It is what it is. While they were busy digesting that I leaned across Dennis and forked the last bit of salmon.  Unfortunately it was crumbly and part of it landed in his lap on the flight back to my plate. At least it broke the silence that had met my comment.

I was getting full.  Rosa served desert a few minutes later, and no, I didn't miss the look she gave me, Christian woman my ass. I was going to have to ask HIM about where Latinos stood on the SMITE LIST. They probably weren't on there. HE didn't seem to hate people because of the color of his skin. HE had told me to HATE the SIN and not the SINNER.  I thought it would be easier if everyone was on the SMITE list unless they repented and recognized me as the ONE TRUE PROPHET.  Since I hadn't told anyone yet that I was HIS one and true representative I was not bothered by Tyler and the rest of his crews lack of respect for my statements. My time was coming. This I knew. Soon they would know. Until then I would see where this all led. Or I might leave. It was good to be free and to trust in the direction of HE who knew everything.


  1. Ooohkaaay. Nothing like inviting a nice quite Christian who has a name like "Chosen", that happens to be with a gun and a history of violence to dinner but obviously loves the Lord and wants to do 'His' will.

    What could go wrong?

  2. Kevin,

    I read your comment and busted out laughing. Yeah. Really. What could go wrong.