Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 1c

I was very happy when I opened the box and saw what was in it.  One of the reasons I kept to myself was I lacked anyway to defend myself against the demons of the world. HE said he was going to protect me and I realized I really needed to trust and walk in the way he wanted. I dropped to my knees and snapped off a quick prayer of thanks and gratitude.  I also had a couple cans of peaches to go with the rest of the stuff. I opened one and ate it right away.  I really craved sugar.

So now I was feeling pretty good. A couple weeks had gone by since I found my Armor of the LORD and I was ready teddy to rock and roll. Just gimme the word LORD I prayed. Or a sign.  The world was filled with signs if you knew where to look. Voices too. I had been blind for so long and now I could see.  Sometimes even the squirrels talked to me.  Not often. I was fine with that. Squirrels never had much to say that I was interested in.   Same with most of the birds except for the crows. They knew shit. Secret shit. Maybe even double super secret shit from the other side.  I thought the crows might be working for the demons but they said "Just becaws we are black doesn't mean we are evil." I felt embarrassed then.  I knew better to judge people based on color.  It should apply to all of the creatures created by  HE WHO IS ALL just as well. 

Just to be on the safe side I checked my Bible. At first checking it took forever and I used to miss the speed I could check the Bible when I had it on my computer. Nowadays I had it pretty much memorized. Well, a big part of it. More than most people was my guess.  You had too if you were going to be the Chosen One I guess.  Anyways it seemed HE liked ravens and provided for them. I just couldn't eat them. They were on the DO NOT EAT list HE had written.  HE was big on lists which I liked. Just get it down and put it out there. That way everyone knows where they stand.  No smarty banker pants could twist it up and steal your house, crush your dreams and make.... "Woah. Slow down now" I told myself. Going down this river would make me mad. Really mad and that wasn't good.  I needed to relax and enjoy watching the trees and the smell of the earth that HE had made.  That and be ready. Ready to start my ARMY.


  1. I guess this is a good indication of what will happen post collapse when the medications run out.

  2. Matt, they already are. Lose your insurance and lose the medication. This is a medicated nation too. A hell of a lot of people on drugs. Drugs to keep their bodies working (insulin) Drugs to keep their minds from blowing up.

  3. Better living through chemistry. Sometimes there is no choice but to medicate. You've seen it haven't you.
    Be careful how far you get into the zone on this one. Make sure you can get back.

    Jim in MO.

  4. Jim,

    Seen it? Every day. A zone I know.