Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 3f by Nova

We busted out the back door and stopped to look around. Nothing was waiting to greet us but an empty back lot and a fence to keep people from taking shortcuts through the woods to the subdivision behind them.

"Damn. That was fun!" Sharon said. She was still smiling. "That may have been the most fun I have had in a year at least.

"Yeah well you might want to put SWORD back in your bag."

"Yeah. That might be a good idea." She replied

She tucked SWORD back in her bag and as I watched her I found myself missing SWORD.  I was going to have to find her a SWORD of her own.

 "Look what I remembered!" She held up the toothbrush I wanted to buy. She was looking in her bag and pulled a can of peaches out "See! I have everything we picked out in here!" She was pretty happy about that.

"But that's stealing!" I blurted.

She looked at me, cocked her head and let her smile fall off. "What?  We just tore up a bunch of scanners belonging to Satanway and you're telling me we need to pay for your toothbrush?   You're fucking nuts." She turned around, threw up her hand which met good-bye I think and started walking away.

"Wait!"  I hurried after her. She wouldn't look at me when I caught up with her so I matched her long strides. We needed to get out of here anyways plus I need time to think.  We made the sidewalk and turned off as soon as we could into the subdivision. As we did I said "Sharon. You're right. That was a stupid thing for me to say."  She didn't say anything but I could see her looking at me out of the corner of her eye.  We kept walking and all of a sudden I got scared.  That happens to me sometime.  Scared that she would leave me. Scared because of what she said. That I was "Nuts."

Yes HE was with me. Yet HE never came by for weeks at a time and that left me with me.  A me that lived in the woods in a crappy little tent until I had met her. A me that wondered sometimes what had happened? Was it my fault? Was I really crazy?  That was the scary thought that I didn't like to see in my head because it would mean there was no HE. Just me imagining things.  Which would make me one of those people. The idea that I might be one of the crazy people simultaneously scared me and made me want to cry.  Because then I would be lost. Very, very lost.  I would have no one except for me and that was not enough. Not anywhere near enough.


She didn't answer so I said it again.

"What!" Yes. She was still mad. I could hear it in her voice.

"Do you really think I'm crazy?"

She stopped dead. It was like she had run into a brick wall. I kept going for another step so when I turned to look at her we were face to face.

"No baby." She surprised me then by taking her fingers and letting them trace a path down my cheek. "No. I think you are a good man and yes, I think you are Chosen."


"Yes. Really."

Damn that me happy. More happier than anything in my whole life. More happier than when I got a puppy so long ago. More happier than my best Christmas.

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