Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 3b by Nova

We left the house and started walking through the woods towards the Safeway when I noticed she didn't have a weapon on her. How could she be a General without a sword?  I asked her "What happened to the machete?"

"I traded it."

I stopped. "You what?"

 "I traded it. Are you deaf?"  She had stopped with me but after she said that she started walking.

 "Hey wait!" She stopped, turning slowly around to stare at me.

"Don't do that."  I told her. I was getting irritated.

"Don't do what?"

"Walk away from me. It's not polite." I could hear the irritation in my voice and I paused for a minute so I could swallow it.  "Why did you trade it? I thought you liked it?" She laughed. "I only had it for a day and I made a profit on it."

"But what will you do for protection?"  I think the genuine worry in my voice got through to her because her face softened a little. She searched my face, smiled again, a different smile this time. This one wasn't anywhere near as brittle as her usual smile. She shrugged and told me "I'll get by. I always do."

"Yeah" I told her "Until you don't." I unbuckled my belt which sent a quick bolt of fear across her face. Very quick it was. More like a fast shadow. Just like the ones I saw out of the corner of my eye at times. Demons moving to fast for most humans to see. I saw them though. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Just like I didn't see her flash of fear.

"Here." I pulled SWORD off my belt.  "Take SWORD for now." I handed it to her and watched her hand droop under the weight of it. She looked at me questioningly. I knew she was going to object so I said "It's for now. Not forever and ever.  Put it in your bag."


"No." I told her. She was still hesitant.  I added "Please." and watched as she reluctantly put it in her bag.  While I got my belt back on I told her "Don' get fancy with it. Just stick it in them" I started walking, she stayed up with me this time and I was surprised at how stunned she looked.   I didn't understand why?  So I decided to change the subject. "What did you trade the machete for?"

She mumbled "Money. For our shopping trip today."

Now it was my turn to be stunned.  I didn't know what to say so I started telling her about the LORD and his plans for us.  She gradually fell back and we ended up walking single file to the Safeway.  I still kept talking.  In fact I talked all the way until we hit the back parking lot of the shopping center that had the Safeway and a few other stores.

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