Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 2 by Nova

She looked at me, back to the bodies, than back at me and said "What Army?"

"She had a point" I thought . "My Army...well, you would be the first member of it." I paused, watched her face, an added "It is the Army of the LORD."  I knew that would impress her.  She didn't laugh which is what I was secretly afraid she would do.  While she considered it my heart leapt and I thanked HE who had brought her. She was hot. Young...maybe to young. She was Black which wasn't a problem. I hoped me being White wasn't a problem for her. Skinny tho for a Black girl.  They usually were big girls around here. She interrupted my prayer of gratitude when she asked "Do I get to be a General?"

"Hmmm...I don't see why not." I told her. I hadn't thought about ranks.  I was The Chosen and everyone else was "The Rest."

"I have AIDS..." She waited to see what my reaction would be.

"Okay. We all have issues. HE doesn't seem to care as long as you don't sin and follow his plan." Inside I was relieved and disappointed. Disappointed that I would not be getting any and relieved that even though I wouldn't be getting any  it sounded like she was considering joining. I liked that.  Maybe HE would talk to her too.

She stood up and was brushing her clothes off. She asked me "What's this plan?"

I had never articulated it to anyone before. I had heard it in my mind but getting it out of there and past my lips wasn't working so good. Especially as she was staring at me with her big brown eyes.  Answering this was harder than stabbing the sinners.

"HE is God. He talks to me and shows me visions. This world is coming to an end soon.  We need to help make it happen by breaking the Devil machines and building an Army so we survive. Then we will go to a place and live." I stopped, then added quickly, "No wearing sunglasses."

She looked at me solemnly "Do we get kill assholes like this or is that a sin?"

I was surprised by the question. "No! HE wants people like this dead."

She smiled. The first time I had seen her smile so far. "Okay." Just like that I had a General for my Army. I threw up my hands and yelled "Thank you LORD!"

She didn't join me in thanking the LORD. Instead she scowled and said "Quit making so much noise and help me drag these assholes off the trail."


  1. This is getting interesting - I like the juxtaposition of the two characters - and the different motivations for participation in the movement...

  2. OK, someone else on who is supposed to be on maintenance medication, assuming she is on an anti-HIV cocktail. I know I need to buy ahead for my daughter, she has autism, but I am not sure how to broach the subject with our neurologist.

    “Well, there’s the federal reserve, um, and the cost of empire, medicare (you know about that, I suppose)… Anyway, what do I need to do to get 10 year’s worth?”

    Or I could just send him the link to “American Apocalypse”.

  3. energycon, Thanks. I think this is going to tie some different ideas together

  4. Trey,

    Damn. I know what you mean and I also can imagine how angry it would make me feel to be in that position.

    Any chance you can find out where a warehouse might be? If it's in No. VA and you need someone to ride shotgun...

  5. nova, thank you very much for your offer. I am in Dallas, but I would be happy to quest for something like that with you. I would be happier not to have to quest, but I'm getting less and less optimistic about that.

    I've thought about locating the warehouse. That would actually be good research to do in general. I worked for a time for a logistics company, but on the saftware side. I never learned the details of that industry.

  6. Trey,

    Yeah. Maybe the Dr.'s office too? Or Mexico? Canada? Tijuana, last time I was there, was more pharmacies than bars.

    You might want to ask nanoo too. She was a nurse.


  7. OK Trey. First, medications have a shelf life. Some are longer than others. Keeping medication for long periods of time isn't wise because the molecular structure can break down. Not only can it become ineffective but some medications become dangerous when that happens.

    Depending on the medication and its classification-how it is paid for, you can ask for a 90 day supply from the physician. You can also locate some medications in Mexico, thats done a lot. But be careful of sourcing, there are a lot of knock-offs that are not safe. Sourcing is all important and the due diligence you must do if you go a non-traditional route to obtain them.

    I hope that helps. A lot depends on what the medication is and its classification. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions