Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 4a - by Nova

I knew it was stupid but my feet had a mind of their own. They took me closer and closer.  I still had not grasped how much HE knew what was best for him and how to use me to achieve it. HE truly works in mysterious ways.

I ghosted along the back end of the gathered people, cars, and media trucks.  Someone from Safeway, an important Demon type based on how nicely she was dressed, was talking to a media guy. I drifted closer. I was fascinated by her teeth. They were so white! Cloud white! Sparkly day white! They drew me closer and closer those teeth. They were perfection in a face that was, at best, the usual Demonic bland lust cake face.

That's when I heard "That's him!  That's him! He did it!"  I looked over and saw an extremely excited security guard pointing at me. The same dufus from when we had attacked the evil job stealing machines. Damn.  I turned around and began easing my way out of the people. I wanted to run but I knew then the hunters would not hesitate to give chase then. I started praying "Oh LORD! I know I was an idiot for coming this close. Please help a fool out and make me invisible!"  It didn't happen.  It was a lot to ask on short notice I guess.

Then I heard another voice yell "Halt. You there! Don't move!"   I recognized the tone in it. It was AUTHORITY. It sure wasn't dufus. Part of my brain was screaming "Run! Run fast!"  I almost gave in to it too. Then I heard the LORD's voice say "You are The Chosen. You will not run like a common criminal. Turn and face the enemy!"

The enemy was cutting through the crowd like a couple of gray sharks towards me. Two Fairfax County officers moving big and fast.  The sea of people drained away. One minute there was people. The next minute I was very alone and both had drawn their weapons.  Weapons they were pointing at me.  I froze.  The one closest to me stopped and yelled "Hands behind your head! NOW!"

"Why were they yelling? They always yelled!" was what I thought as I slowly raised my up and put them behind my head.  The Loud officer yelled "Gun! Holstered! Left Side!"

His partner responded "Got it!" He yelled too. He circled around so he could come up from behind me and pulled GUN out.  I felt him back away from me. As he did the Loud Officer yelled "On your face! Now!" I eased forward and brought my hands down to the asphalt and did a reverse push up.  The asphalt was hot. Hot just like the Devils hell.  Then I went the remaining distance a lot faster. Fast enough to bounce my face off the asphalt. fast enough to feel little gravely nobs the size of ants become embedded in my forehead. Fast enough to see see gold pain shoots.  At the same time I felt a weight in the small of my back and my arms being jerked back. They were going to cuff me.  I hate being cuffed.

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