Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6b - by Nova

They loved that answer. I felt the love an acceptance pouring out from them to me just like I had at the table when I bought my house. It was nice. The only thing that marred it was that I had come to the conclusion that they were assholes and possibly Demon influenced. I tried saving that thought for later. I would ponder it before I slept an offer it up to him for clarification. Maybe there were different degrees of Demon influence just like there was ranks in the Demon hierarchy?  I prodded myself and thought "Focus. Focus."   Tyler was talking. Nobody was looking at me funny so I must not have missed much.

"So you are probably wondering why we are so interested." It wasn't a real question. It was one of those things people like Tyler asked so they could answer it and keep talking.  So I nodded. Nodding worked beautifully with the Tylers of the world. "That Burner video that came out 6 months ago. It took off like yours did and it spawned a lot of craziness afterward that is still going on."

Amy interrupted Tylers flow asking me "You know what we are talking about don't you Chosen?"

"Yes Amy.  My tree in the woods has DSL just like everyone else does now."

That jammed her brain up a bit. I could tell she wasn't sure if I was telling the truth or not. Dennis added "Yes. Some of us believe that the Burner virus...and that is what it is...needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand." He added "They don't even believe in Jesus!" 

"They have some hot looking harlots though."  I told him.

Everyone was looking at me now like I had farted or missed the point or something.

Tyler, who had started looking a little constipated, probably because he wasn't talking, took back control of the conversation by reminding them that we were not here to talk about that.  "Chosen we have a plan. We think a Godly inspired man like you could make a difference. We need to talk more about what you believe and how to use that to create a message that will appeal an attract believers. There is no doubt that this country is going to hell and that the Internet is a major part of the problem. Control needs to be restored. People need to return to a Christ centered lifestyle not unlike what their Grandparents once lived. We can do that, create real jobs, and stop the insanity that modern life has brought us. We can return to our roots. People don't need all this Chinese crap. They need God and a way to make a living by the sweat of their brow. We can guide them. No! Not all technology needs to go away. We just need to get a better grip on it."

He kept going on but repeating himself. He was just saying the same things over and over but differently I quickly realized.  I was getting tired. I usually went to bed by now so I could be up when the sun rose.  He, and the other two yammerbirds probably stayed up to midnight or later.  I yawned in the middle of Tyler talking about Internet filth and stood up. 

"Good night." I told them.  Then I walked out of the room and headed for the bedroom I had seen when I went to the bathroom. Hopefully the door locked but if it didn't I wasn't going to worry. I was tired.


  1. This dude is so infuriating. Excellent writing Nova

  2. Thanks NMD.

    He is supposed to be. I was going to keep him peaceful, relatively, but he does not seem to want to be

  3. Chosen is another one who (I think) will grow on everyone... He seems to be a 'damaged one' but I get the feeling you will be showing us a great deal of him... He's a much nicer character than The Mover was.

    I loved the way you brought the Burners into this as well... My guess that he is also in the A-A world as well...

    Now, how will you tie them all together?

    Keep up the good work! It helps make the rest of us seem sane... :)

  4. This religious fanatic type seems appropriate to the times we live in. Politicians seem hell bent on exploiting them, and then are surprised when they turn out to be so extreme and so outside of the mainstream. Karl Denninger was commenting on his blog about how much more effective the Tea Party would be if they could just tone down the religious rhetoric, you know, their interest in what people call "cultural" issues these days. That's a nice thought, making the Tea Party more acceptable to the mainstream, but it's not who they are.

  5. Iam, Good. I am glad you do.

    Wes, Yep. Everything comes back to AA. These are the characters that will be key in later parts of AA


    Yep. Like NMD said. They can be infuriating. They do not bend or compromise unless it fits their agenda and they can not be reasoned with. That is why they can be so successful and dangerous.

  6. I like that he doesn't have the same social conformity filters - if he needs to fart, he farts and doesn't worry about what some vapid blonde image 'feels' about it. If he's tired and some talking head in an empty suit is repeating on endless loop, he heads to bed.

    Real people on the other hand get undivided attention when he can pull it together.

  7. Early 1980's comic book "Groo The Wanderer" reminds me a little of Chosen.

  8. Nova,

    Another excellent character -- found the phrase, "Control needs to be restored." utterly chilling -- and the tipoff as to what this group is ultimately about.

    Tyler et al appear to see religion as a means of control and harnessing the power of the masses. And they think that they have an appealing puppet in Chosen. But since we know Chosen's backstory (and they don't) -- we know that he's a Old Testament prophet who has a direct line to the Almighty.

    Should be interesting............

    Ed S.

  9. Nova, are you following the breaking news?


    gunman holds up discovery channel headquarters, has a huge list of demands

  10. Here is his list of demands: http://www.businessinsider.com/discovery-channel-hostage-taker-demands-2010-9

  11. NMD,

    Yep. We had a guy try an enter our building with a gun last week. Security got him. It's a weird world.

  12. Nova,
    I'm praying your world, doesn't become OUR world...however...its getting weirder and weirder. Pretty soon, your stuff may seem mild by comparison...


  13. Groo the Wanderer - hadn't thought about Groo in some time. Oh the joy of flipping the pages of a freshly purchased comic and seeing life through the eyes of the over-motivated clueless with all around him recoiling in horror or running for the hills.

  14. Getting caught up Nova, great work. The comment from Piper caught my attention.
    The Discovery incident is a nationwide thing. You just don't see it so much, yet.

    It's not coming....it's here.

    Jim in MO.

  15. Thanks Jim,

    Yeah. You got to catch the medias attention otherwise it never happened